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Ranging from topmost high-end cameras to best microphones along with numerous other products that were distinguishing and remarkable in their own way, we have it all!

Action Mic for GoPros by Sennheiser
It allows capture of high-quality audio to match up to those flawless videos and footages. This mini external microphone which is not only waterproof but also nearly immune against snow, ice, and the wind. It is based on a lavalier design and comes with an internal diaphragm- Umbrella Diaphragm – located above the acoustically active membrane.

AJA’s HA5-Fiber Mini-Converter
It is primarily for HDMI to 3G-SDI conversion over single mode optical Fiber, with up to 8-channel embedded audio supported in the HDMI input and extending HDMI signals up to 10km. The Mini-Converter features a 2-channel RCA style audio input, an SDI embedded audio output, an optical output and a 5-year warranty.

Arri Skypanels
Arri’s line of Skypanel is high-quality LED soft lights which have a significantly high lumen output for very low wattage. The two types introduced are - a remote phosphor which can be changed between tungsten, daylight, and another K degree, and one multicolor LED which can create almost any color.

Arri Molded Case for S60-C Single SkyPanel
Store, protect and transport your S60-C Single SkyPanel in this light gray ARRI Single Molded Case. The power supply fits in the lower compartment, with one S60-C head and one attached diffusion panel nestled above the power supply.

Atomos’ Shogun Inferno
It allows capture of high-quality audio to match up to those flawless videos and footages. Designed with cutting edge technology, this award winning monitor recorder was incepted keeping future-proofing production in mind and has welcomed an entirely new era of 4K 60p HDR filmmaking with remarkable features.

Avid of storage system- The Nexis
Avid Nexis, the software-defined storage, powered by the Avid Nexis FS file system, is compatible with NLEs including Media Composer and also Final Cut, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Grass Valley Edius. It Nexis comes in two configurations- a high-density E4 and a smaller footprint E2.

It comes with a super bright and super large touch screen display with an enormously wide viewing angle of 135°. It records HD or Ultra HD in incredible 10-bit 4:2:2 quality ProRes or DNxHD files that work with all major editing software. It has 2 models- the 7” Ultra HD and 5” HD.

Brainstorm’s Infinity Set 2.0
A unique feature is the Hand Tracking feature (without any external hardware required ), which enables presenters to trigger animations and graphics with the simple movement of their hands. Another 2 remarkable features are the ‘virtual traveler’ and Volumetric Illumination feature.

Canon Cinema EOS C700 Cameras
The EOS C700 (EF/PL) and the EOS C700 GS PLcapture slow motion 4K video footage internally with high frame rates of up to 59.94P/50P and 2K up to 200p/240p (sensor crop mode), or 4K RAW up to 100P/120P, to the optional dockable Codex RAW recorder.

Canon ‘4K Premium’ Box Lens
The UJ27×6.5B IESD is a 2/3” lens for broadcasters who needs outstandingly high resolution and contrast for UHD productions. It uses fluorite and UD glass, along with Canon’s lens coating and anti-reflection technologies.

Canon XC15 4K Camcorder
It has the ability to record with Canon Log, providing the same impressive 12 stops (800%) of dynamic range as seen in Canon’s EOS C500. The camera can record UHD (3840 x 2160) 4K footage at 25p or 24p to an internal CFast 2.0 card at up to 305Mb/s, or Full HD to an SD card at up to 50Mb/s.

Canon’s 18-80 Compact Cine-Servo Zoom Lens
Weighing merely 1.2 kgs, it is the lightest cine servo lens till date with 4.4x zoom ratio. Specially designed for videographers using large-format and single-sensor cameras, the new Cinema EOS offers a perfect balance of operability.

Cineo Matchbox LED mini- soft light
These versatile compact and light-weight soft lights feature the Remote Phosphor Technology for changing color temperature by simply swapping out panels for higher output and greater color accuracy. It has a small dimmer and goes down to zero without flicker. It has high CRI ratings of 98 at 3200K and 94 at 5600K as well as TLCI ratings of 99 at 3200K and 97 at 5600K.

Dell UP2715K 27" UltraSharp 27 Ultra HD 5K LED-Backlit IPS Monitor
It features an Ultra HD 5K resolution that offers high resolution of 5120 x 2880 resolution is supported by the two Display Ports. When the monitor is connected to one DisplayPort, the maximum resolution it can support is 3840 x 2160.

Garmin Virb XE
It can capture your action, speed, and location- all at the same time. Owing to the GPS and other built-in motion sensors, this camera features extreme sports metrics (speed, elevation, latitude and longitude, distance traveled, gradient etc.) on its videos. Though it fails to offer 4K, yet the video quality is very impressive.

Gitzo Systematic Camera Tripod Line
The Gitzo Systematic tripod family is designed for users who use long lenses and heavy cameras and require extreme precision in their work and equipment. The leg tubes have been upgraded to Gitzo’s latest generation Carbon eXact, improving the balance between rigidity and weight. New 50mm diameter big feet enable ultimate stability, preventing slipping and movement.

Glidecam Centurion Motorized Gimbal
A light and compact three-axis motorized gimbal designed to work with the majority of video cameras weighing from one to five pounds. It is built with aluminum and carbon fiber composites and offers virtually unlimited handle-grip positions and can be set up in single-grip, or dual-grip, handlebar modes.

Glidecam Stabilizer
The XR-Pro is lowest priced stabilizer that can handle cameras up to 10 pounds in weight. It comes with four steel camera platform weight plates and is enhanced with a new head design, which has a customized bottom plate that allows for more accurate side-to-side movement to ease the set-up process.

GoPro HERO 5
With upgraded features like waterproofing without an external casing and improved imaging specs and 4K shooting, HERO 5 Black is bigger in form factor than Session with a 2 inch inbuilt touchscreen.

GoPro Karma and DJI Mavic Pro drones
DJI Mavic Pro is extremely small in size – can literally sit in the palm of your hand. GoPro Karma is almost twice the size and weight of the Mavic Pro but folds in itself.

greenMachine by Lynx Technik AG
The video and audio processing hardware is a generic processing unit with a certain set of in and outputs and processing power. By installing the different APPs the greenMachine units can be turned into a tailored processing unit to fit exactly your requirements.

Ikegami 4K Camera
The UHK-430 4K camera, the first member of the company’s new Unicam XE camera series is designed for use in the studio and field which features three 2/3-inch 4K (3840x2160) CMOS sensors with RGB prism optics, for “Real 4K” resolution from 24 million pixels (8 million per sensor).

Impact Light Kit Bag
The Impact Light Kit Bag is a soft padded case designed to transport and protect a 2 monolight lighting kit. It has space to hold 2 monolights with reflectors, cables, umbrellas and light stands. It is carried by 2 overlapping carrying handles or the included shoulder strap.

Offering respectable video quality, the Pixpro SP1 does not need a case to be waterproof like the other which is one of the best features. It can survive depth to 33 feet. Apart from the Hero4 Silver, it is the only camera which offers a color LCD screen.

LED Tenner from Mole Richardson
The new LED Tenner from Mole-Richardson has the potential to replace lower wattage HMIs. It comes in either Daylight or Tungsten with an output of a 10k tungsten or a 6K HMI. This flicker free light consumes amazingly less electricity and draws 19 amps.

Leica’s 2 new lenses- the 40mm T/2.0 and 15mm T/2.0 Summicron-C
These compactly sized, light-weight lenses share the iconic “creamy sharpness” and are appropriate for stabilized rigs, underwater and aerial cinematography and stereoscopic 3D.

LG Digital Cinema 31MU97-B
This features a 4096 x 2160 resolution complete with a 17:9 aspect ratio, a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 320 cd/m² brightness rating, and can be viewed from 178° both horizontally and vertically. The enhanced resolution display can even be pivoted from widescreen to portrait mode to accommodate various types of content.

Manfrotto Befree Live Video Tripod
It is the smallest video tripod and fluid head in its product line and meets all the needs of emerging video content creators. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it enables videographers to always be prepared to capture video footage with a focus on ease of use and portability with a minimalist design.

Manfrotto Pro-Light Rolling Lighting Gear Organizer
This large-sized water-repellent Pro-Light Rolling Lighting Gear Organizer from Manfrotto holds six Compact Stands, two flash heads and two reflectors between padded, touch-fastened dividers inside the zippered main compartment, which is 39.4" long. For accessories, there is a front exterior zip pocket, and two interiors zippered lid pockets.

Maxon debuts Cinema4D Vers. 18.
Designed for the VFX specialists, animators, visualization experts and motion graphics creators. A Voronoi Fracturing has been added as a native feature in the MoGraph toolset which lets one experiment like breaking apart an object, blowing things up in 3D or some interesting dicing and slicing.

MicroLite series of AKG by Harman
These miniature wearable reference microphones offer incredible and flawless sound quality plus durability in a tiny, size. It has a wide range of applications from broadcast to theaters and conferences and many more. The MicroLite series includes lavalier, ear-hook, and head-worn options, all of which provide exceptional comfort and flexibility.

NEC PA322UHD-BK-SV 31.5" 16:9 UHD IPS Monitor
The model with SpectraViewII from NEC has 99.2% coverage of the Adobe RGB color space and a 14-bit 3D internal programmable lookup table. The monitor offers 3840 x 2160 resolution, 350 cd/m² brightness rating, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, and a 10 ms response time.

Olympus TG-Tracker
The cam is loaded with sensors and records 4k at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps and an impressive 240fps at 720p for slow motion capture. It is waterproof (up to 30m) and comes with a built-in stabilizer and has the capacity to withstand temperatures as low as -10°C.

Panasonic AC30 Camcorder
The handheld camcorder with 1080P recording, 20X optical zoom, wide-angle 29.5mm lens, LED light for low-light shooting, two-channel XLR audio inputs, and simultaneous record or relay record with hot swap is ideal for shooting business conferences, exhibits, web videos etc.

Porta Brace LP-ASTRA Light Pack for Litepanels Astra 1x1
Constructed out of lightweight 1000D Cordura nylon, the LP-ASTRA Light Pack from Porta Brace is lightweight, yet durable option for transporting a Litepanels Astra 1x1 LED light. It is custom fit to carry a single Astra panel and the case is constructed with a semi-rigid 1/2" thick foam to provide protection.

Panasonic HC-X1 UHD Camcorder
A light, compact 4K Ultra HD professional camcorder for professional video production which supports 4K 24p, UHD 60p/50p, HD 60p/50p multi-format recording and HD super slow-motion. Features include 2-channel XLR audio, wired/wireless remote control, triple manual rings and ND Filters.

RED EPIC-W and new WEAPON cameras
These compact and intuitively designed cameras of the DSMC2 form factor with RED’s latest sensor technology, HELIUM 8K S35 offers superior image quality and wide dynamic range at 8K resolution in an S35 frame.

SKB’s Military-Grade Cases for GoPro Cameras
All four waterproof military-grade GoPro cases feature camera pockets that will accommodate any generation of GoPro camera. They range from a compact single camera case up to a dual layer, six camera case. The single and dual cases have a single layer of foam that can hold additional batteries as well as accessories.

It is portable all-in-one multipurpose 6 channels high-quality Analogue Mixing console with a true stereo mix bus and an advanced Monitoring & Communication system combined with an integrated 8 Tracks Digital Recorder on SSD Drive and CompactFlash card. The SONOSAX SX62R is compact, lightweight and based on a new ergonomic concept.

Sony FDR-X1000V
This splashproof POV camera offers 4K Ultra HD Video and high frame rate recording at 120fps or 240fps for buttery smooth slo-mo playback) and comes with 170 degrees ultra-wide ZEISS Tessar lens plus stereo sound recording plus a 3.5mm input for external microphones.

Sony FS7 II Camcorder
Sony updates FS7 camcorder with electronic ND filter, level-lock e-mount, and tool-less configuration changes. The new FS7 II camcorder is designed for long-form shooting and production applications, especially for documentaries and independent filmmaking.

Sony’s Super Motion 4K Camera- HDC-4800
Designed for sports producers who wishes to use a 4K camera, the model is loaded with remarkable features for premium quality sports coverage. It has high frame rate capabilities i.e. 8x at 4K, and up to 16x in full HD, enabling slow-motion replays plus dynamic center cut-out and zoom capabilities.

This Portable High-Definition Stereo Audio Recorder is a boon for remote recording engineers who seeks professional solutions for challenging live and on-location applications. The HD-P2 is a successful combination of high-end features, SMPTE timecode input being one of them used for synchronization to external devices while in record or playback. The HD-P2 records in stereo from 44.1kHz to 192kHz, at 16- or 24-bit, to affordable Compact Flash media. Not only is Compact Flash absolutely silent, so no transport noise will show up on your recording, but the recorded audio is written directly as Broadcast WAVE files for immediate use in digital audio workstations. The unit even includes a FireWire jack for the fastest possible transfer of files to your PC or Mac computer.

TASCAM DR-10SG Shotgun Mic
With integrated digital audio recording, the microphone is a combination of microphone/digital audio recorder designed to record sound on top of DSLR video cameras predominantly for videographers who employ DSLR cameras as their primary capture device. The shotgun microphone features a shock-resistant mounting foot that attaches to your camera. The built-in professional-quality digital recorder has four selectable EQ modes, audio pass-through to the camera, and an on-board audio slate for synchronization during post production.

Think Tank Helipak Backpack for large drones
Specially designed for aerial video enthusiasts it features like lumbar support, ABS twin wall reinforcement, and customizable divider system. Its is made to hold a ready-to-go DJI Inspire quadcopter with the Zenmuse gimbal as well as three additional lenses, six batteries, two controllers, tablets, extra propellers and laptop with charger.

Tom Tom Bandit
Bandit can shoot up to 2K resolution at 30p or Full HD 1080 at 60p (it can shoot 4K, but only at 15 fps). TomTom has a built-in series of sensors that not only record location but speed and G-force too. It's available in two packs; the Base Pack includes the camera, adhesive mounts and GoPro adapter, while the more expensive Premium Pack includes a bike mount, 360 pitch mount, waterproof lens cover and remote. The battery pack is a good example as it offers three hours of use when recording 1080p at 30fps. This does drop if features such as Wi-Fi are in use.

Tripod Heads from Libec
The RH25D and RH45D are extremely versatile and rugged in design to adapt to various situation effortlessly. The RH25D Dual Head supports 13lbs and the RH45D Dual Head supports 26.5lbs. They are named dual head due to the fact that these heads are equipped with both 75mm and a flat base adapter.

Wisycom’s Lithium Battery Charger
The ACM50 is a rack mountable lithium battery charger with the capability of charging up to ten batteries simultaneously which comes with two LED indicators under each charging slot, allowing users to view the status of their batteries. It takes the ACM50 two hours to fully charge.

Zoom F4 MultiTrack Field Recorder
A six-input/eight-track field recorder offering flawless Hollywood-quality sound plus four super-low-noise mic preamps, precise time code, and a solid metal build. This unusually compact and lightweight recorder offers recording and playback at resolutions up to 24-bit/192 kHz. It includes a 1.9-inch white backlit monochromatic LCD display. The on-board temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) generates timecode at 0.2 ppm accuracy and supports all standard drop-frame and non-drop formats, as well as jam sync for external devices. The advanced on-board limiters provide overload protection for all inputs and outputs, which lets you capture audio in a wide range of environments.

Designed to be carried by a shoulder strap or in a bag, the unit features eight analog input channels with lockable XLR/TRS combo jacks that provide +75 dB maximum input gain, and support for +4 dB inputs with an EIN of -127 dBu or less. It can record up to 10 tracks simultaneously (channels 1-8 plus a stereo mix), or up to eight channels when recording at the A/D converter's maximum 24-bit 192 kHz resolution. It utilizes a Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) that generates time code at 0.2 ppm accuracy, enabling rock-solid syncing of audio and video. The F8 supports all standard drop frame and non-drop formats and can jam sync to timecode being provided by external devices.