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greenMachine...the Game Changer

The revolutionary greenMachine offers a completely new concept adopting a three prong approach to customizable product definition and function so one will no longer be tied to single function boxes.

What greenMachine offers:
• powerful general purpose hardware that serves as the processing engine
• downloadable APPs from the greenStore for customizable functionality
• greenGUI control software for configuration, control and customization
The three aspects:
• Hardware
• Software
• Apps
The first step in building your greenMachine is to select the signal processing platform. There is an option of two - a powerful two, four or eight channel appliance, each providing a variety of I/O choices. Whether it’s a simple standalone appliance or a complex system with multiple units networked together all over the world, everything is taken care of.
Each greenMachine hardware appliance is fully compatible with the greenGUI control software and they are extremely easy to use. It involves simple drag & drop for your APPs, interactive zooming for real-time monitoring & discovery and many more immersive tools. It gives a user the flexibility to design their own system wide virtual control surfaces and even deploy to the greenMachine systems to iPads for wireless monitoring & control.
APPs are the building blocks of a greenMachine and can function independently or together – seamlessly. The apps can simply be dragged and dropped into a processing channel to build a constellation of APPs and then deployed to a greenMachine in the system. There is no need to buy a new hardware. One can simply purchase more functionality with new APPs, reprogram, reconfigure and deploy in the system. One of the best features is that all the apps are “try before you buy” from the greenStore. All APPs are fully functional without a time limit and watermark the video output until one is ready to purchase the APPs. This gives you the opportunity to experiment and fully test new system designs before you buy.
The greenMachine hardware platform includes an integrated color display with an intuitive user interface for local control and signal monitoring. A variety of push buttons and status indicators can also be found on the front of the hardware. An external primary power supply is included with every greenMachine hardware purchase, and you can add an optional second power supply for redundancy.

Highlights from IBC 2016
IBC 2016 saw the European launch of greenMachine, with an exceptionally positive response by our customers and the market as a whole. "The response to greenMachine and feedback from our customers at IBC2016 has been incredibly positive. greenMachine offers so much potential for our customers. We believe it's a real game changer - a new way of thinking. We are honored to receive the TVB Best of Show 2016 award on behalf of our entire talented team." -- Winfried Deckelmann, CEO of LYNX Technik

Highlights from Broadcast India 2016
They were recently at Broadcast Asia, where around 19000+ trade visitors and 550 participants from more than 35 countries gathered to connect with the future.