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CTO’s are challenged to transform existing broadcast technology for OTT delivery. Transformation solutions or investment in OTT will have to factor in viewing habits or viewers. Rather viewers today have access to multi-screens and choice of screen depends on when and where TV content is accessed. Investment into OTT delivery must be future proof and this would mean the CTO must design a very flexible, scalable new playout infrastructure.
The challenge to retain viewers is not only for program producers and creative content honchos at a TV channel. Today the CTO’s part of the task is to forcefully retain viewers. Digital platforms are mushrooming and audience fragmentation as a result has created more competition for eyeballs. New content keeps failing and old content attracts new viewers who can access old proven content on a variety of digital platforms, at affordable cost. In fact mostly free. In such a scenario “reaching” the channel to potential viewers is a challenge for the CTO.
BVP lists out some CTOs who we could find out about on the net. This article is a work in progress. We start with identifying the CTO in the TV broadcast space. Next we meet them and ask them their strategy. Keep your eyes glued to the BVP channel. Cheers!

Jay Chauhan, Republic TV

Jay Chauhan is responsible for setting up Republic’s global digital properties. He is also responsible for innovation in news gathering as well as mobility solutions into technical operations for broadcast.

With 20 years of experience spanning television, digital and healthcare, Chauhan is responsible for setting up and establishing market leadership for Republic’s global digital properties. Additionally, as CTO for broadcast news, he will be introducing innovation into news gathering as well as mobility solutions into technical operations for broadcast.

Prior to joining Republic, Chauhan was CIO at NDTV Worldwide where he built two healthcare startups. Having been part of the NDTV group for 20 years, he has led engineering teams leading to the launch of NDTV’s flagship channels, led the technology consulting division and successfully driven high margin sales initiatives across the APAC region.

Besides launching multiple television channels across the APAC region, Chauhan has won the AIB Awards in 2009 and the Commonwealth Broadcasters Award for Innovative Engineering in 2002, 2004 and 2010.

Dinesh Singh, NDTV PROFIT

With over 16 years of experience (which includes close to 11 years in NDTV, 2 years with NVL Ltd - Sony Broadcast equipments & 2 years in Thomson on turnkey projects which includes first Digital Production setup in India with Robotics camera in both houses of Parliament i.e. Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha, Film based project in Ramoji Film City & turnkey project of Bangladesh National Open University, Bangladesh includes 4 Studios with PCRs, Radio audio studio, microwaves & FM Transmitter) in post-production & the broadcast industry, Singh currently leads a team of close to 100 engineers involved in the configuration, operations and maintenance of engineering functions. This highly motivated team works in erratic schedules & stringent deadlines to deliver the highest quality of broadcast television.

The key mission of my team is to closely align with needs of the other teams (production, distribution, assignment & other NDTV group companies) at NDTV. As a part of this team, Singh reviews the short and long-term technology strategies to make disciplined, proactive technical decisions that help to ensure appropriate technology usage, influence business and technical processes to help balance competing needs and priorities and advise the leadership team on business practices that will help to derive greatest short-term and long-term value from the technical team and other resources.

Piyush Gupta, AAJ TAK

Piyush Gupta has been a Group Chief Technology Officer of ITG at T.V. Today Network Limited since January 2015. Gupta served as the Chief Technology Officer - Broadcast and Operations Director at Network18 Media & Investments Limited since January 2000 until January 2015. Gupta served as Operations Director of Television Eighteen India Ltd. (Formerly Network 18). Gupta serves as Chief Technology Officer - Broadcast at Television Eighteen India Ltd. Gupta maneuvered the migration of broadcast operations of Viacom channels viz MTV, Nick and vh1 from Singapore to India after yet another successful takeover of IBN7 (earlier part of Jagran Group). He served at New Delhi Television. He joined Network18 in 1996 as Broadcast Engineer and has worked here since then apart from a short stint with NDTV. He has rich experience of more than 15 years in the field of broadcast operations.

Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay, ATOZ NEWS

Employed with the A2Z NEWS CHANNEL as Chief Technical Officer (C.TO.), where he joined in April 2009, Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay has over twenty five years of experience ranging from Studio, PCR, News Program Production to Broadcasting. He now handles a team of more than 50 persons.

His work involves research & acquire IT & Technical vendor solutions to meet requirements of A2Z business processes .Creating and maintaining user on the Network. Housekeeping (ensuring enough of disk space is made available at all times). Ensuring and troubleshooting the network connectivity. Complete Hardware/Software Maintenance Plan, execute and commission all projects assigned. Efficiently and effectively managing all production assignments, ensuring technical quality benchmarking of video and audio output to meet with Specifications and regularly holding meetings to identify team strengths and work on the weakness is a part of his role. He is also involved in identifying talent and provide proper guidance for maximum output. Focus on processes, procedures and systems. Innovate and strategize to constantly improve the standard of operation and yield best results.