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Soundscape 2018 set to trigger Big Stage catalyst for robust event business at PALM in India’s entertainment capital

Key speakers covering Big Stage sound, light, visual, festivals, touring tech, FOH, artiste management, music production, A & R & all the ingredients for show biz.

Soundscape 2018 carefully curates an intelligent response to the puzzle of the event industry in India, which is more smoke and mirrors than a reservoir of talent that can rock a ready audience. Every other year big international talent will inject energy and galvanise hardware rental for sound and lighting and all the other factors that go into putting up the big stage act.

Soundscape dissects the vital areas where knowledge from experienced professionals contributes to event creation, management and production. Soundscape equally focuses on professional capabilities that need to match international standards in organising big stage shows.

The three-day programme will kickstart with an introduction to the programme and the various sessions lined-up across the three days of the Soundscape by curator Reji Ravindran

Music talent is the be all and end all that drives stage business. India though is struggling with talent that can drive big stage acts, is and always has put up a brave front substituting movie music for pure pop acts which is conspicuous by its absence. A session of real importance “Artist, Repertoire & Publishing” discusses with leading A & R managers of leading music labels on developing music talent in building their popularity to evolve such music talent as major stage acts. Confirmed panelists in this session are Suprateek Chatterjee, Mo Joshi, Shatadru Sarkar, Subarna Roy, Abhishek Patil.

India’s burgeoning psychedelic trance scene has seen a rise in ‘homegrown’ artistes in this genre. India is no stranger to psy-trance. The history of Goa trance or psy-trance is eternally enchanting and ties in with the roots of the global rave music & culture. In the case of India, it is the country’s original export & contribution to the world of electronic dance music. Psytrance has witnessed a growth in popularity and cult-following in India in recent years, evolving from the DIY beach & forest parties of India in its golden years, to dedicated stages at most of the highly ticketed festivals in the world. A panel on “Psy-Fidelity: The story so far..” will introspect the past, present & future of one of the most loved genres in electronic music. Confirmed panelists in this session are Nitin Mahajan, Asad Zaidi, Tarun Shahani, Brian Fernandes, Starling D’souza.

India has seen a rapid rise in artiste management. Artiste management agencies have evolved as a full-time business. A session on “Artist Management : Beyond the Avatar” hopes to host a panel of Mae Thomas, Ayush Arora, Siddhanth Kapoor, Rahul Sinha, Nishant Gadhok and other leading Artiste Management promoters to impart information and to familiarise attendees with best practises and mechanics and dynamics of promoting talent.

Today most Djs are music producers. It’s a natural progression for DJs. A good Artiste manager is necessary who can take original DJ music talent to the next level on stage.

A Big Stage shows needs ‘big’ delivery in terms of sound, light and visuals. In the first part of Soundscape’s Big Stage series of panel discussions, the programme will delve into the field of immersive lighting & visuals. A pre-requisite now for contemporary concerts; light engineers & visual jockeys play a vital role now in giving the performing artists & their fans an experience to remember. A panel on “Delivering Big Stage Lights & Visuals” will give attendees all the information they need. Confirmed panelists in this session are Dhanya Pilo, Nikunj Patel, Antonio Morino, Klaus Köberle, Gaurav Bhambri.

In the second part of the Big Stage series, the programme will focus on “Delivering Big Stage Sound”. The quality of sound installations could make or break any performing artist and thanks to consecutive breakthroughs in its technologies & applications, public addressing has been an ever-evolving science. This panel aims to make aware on the inner workings of this aspect, through interactive discussions with leading sound engineers & vendors. Confirmed panelists in this session are Sigmund Quadros, Fali Damania, Manish Mavani.

Organizing a BIG Stage event requires tremendous Investment & Finance. Arrangement for International talents and cost as well as the scope of operations involves deployment of large amount of men, material and money. The most important factor in making BIG Stage Events a success is the marketing and sales of tickets to attendees. A proposed “Delivering Big Stage Festivals” hopes to tap the experience of top league event organizers and will be hosting a panel of Munbir Chawla, Varun Khare, Reji Ravindran and others, to explore and discuss this business angle.

Entertainment from all over the globe, has been visiting India since decades, and now Indian artists & bands have begun touring the world too. But, what does it take for an artist to go global and execute a successful tour? “The Great Indian Touring Phenomenon” panel discussion panel aims to answer this question while providing a peek into the world of tour management. Confirmed panelist in this session are Bhanuj Kappal, Laiq Qureshi, Arjun Andotra, Kyle Pereira, Balaji Manoharan.

The three-day programme will include the “IPRS - Then & Now”. This session which hopes to get on stage Ravinder Pathak who has years of experience. The session will paint the picture for an aspiring artist, composer or lyricist who should have the gambit of royalty earnings from his creative earnings on stage and mechanical rights from music that is played anywhere and everywhere in the world (Radio, TV, Hospitality, Airport, Institutions).

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