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Canara Lighting‘s Jagle Panel is highly impressive light with all round capabilities which can give full flex CCT option from 2700K to 12000K for Studio and Film Shooting. Jagle panel modulates to a soft and smooth output for fine photography and fashion events, at the same time its large aperture will give a better throw and greater spread of high intensity light.

The fixture allows quick and easy adjustment of colour with hue, saturation and intensity control where we achieve full colour gamut. Jagle Panel is truly versatile with its manual and remote control via standard and latest DMX 512 protocol version. Incorporation of latest LED technology offers the smoothest, brightest, most colour accurate beam which produces a highly flattering wash, even on deep dark regions.

Jagle Panel can adapt to any lighting scenarios what today’s DOP and lighting professionals will face with.

The Jagle Panel’s extraordinary CRI provides no hint of the green colour tint. The Onboard control knobs are highly sensitive to the pace of rotation that tunes the output for finer range or for extreme ranges with smooth light output changeover.

Jagle Panel is ultimate creative lighting fixture for most of the lighting designers with extremely interesting options.

The Jagle Panel’s consistent R9 makes it suitable for colour sensitive applications.

Thanks for its developed perceptive control strategy that allows predictable, repeatable results either with its self explainable onboard credentials or with its multiple DMX modes.

According to the company, consistent implementation of new technological developments combined with highest technical and structural quality has resulted in these state of the art luminaries.

The photometric design of these luminaries is based on the arrangement of LED array and its optics.

The typical Jagle panel has no heavy external ballast or re-strike period because of its supplementary power supply unit.

Moreover, the fixture output is brighter enough to eliminate multiple shadows. The luminaries are characterised by their high luminous efficiency, extremely long service life and uniform spread of luminance with 120° beam angle.

Jagle Panel projects its light in a perfectly uniform way over the entire illuminating surface due its special optic group. Thanks to its switching frequency of 25,000 frames per second which make the light output Flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle at any intensity level.

In addition, it is equipped with an electronic colour control engine which facilitates to cover a very wide spectrum of colour frequencies and the saturated colour. The RGBW led source shows greater purity and colour.

While in the selection of LEDs it was greater responsibility where we had refined and choose best of best LEDs and handpicked from leading LED manufactures. The LEDs possess long life with peak performance at adverse condition. More importantly, these LEDs are eco friendly and less power consuming.

When you are working with Jagle Panel, Lighting is not just lighting but it’s empowering your dream scenes and creativity.

Jagle Panel is made of robust light weight metal frames and housing with sleek & smart finish.

Jagle Panel is an excellent energy efficient device with absolute rated power and it is eco friendly mechanisms.

In light fixture category either of Gentle smooth performer for fine photography and sensitive application or of heavy performer for high intensified output, Jagle panel fits both the category efficiently and steps its mark significantly.

Jagle panel also have even more exciting and unique features like presets and DMX multi mode options. DMX multi mode options ease the user to work with limited DMX channels out of huge options of the fixture.

Jagle Panel is used in Film, Television, auditorium, VIP briefing, Press studio, Auditoriums, Gym & fitness clubs and Fashion shows.

Jagle Panel was 1st launched successfully in Broad Cast Asia on 23rd May 2017 at Singapore and has upgraded its version with more features, capabilities and reliability. The latest version of Jagle Panel was successfully launched in CABSAT on 14th Jan 2018 at Dubai.

The fixture has inbuilt storage capability to save and load light effects and system settings. The flash drive option has made DOP and professionals to transfer their desired effects for future use and documentation.

The Onboard manual controls are user friendly and are extraordinary for controlling the output. The fixture is fully digitized with intelligent microprossesing modules and auto recalibrating algorithm mechanisms.

Jagle Panel is upgradable to latest lighting options available with its firmware up gradation capability. This makes Jagle Panel current and next generation fixture. Ultimately Jagle Panel is more flexible with the support of latest technology and options for user’s extreme lighting creativity.

Jagle Panel it is provided with light weight robust yoke for handling and mounting in Grids and stands. Jagle Panel can be tilted to all-around 360° and adjusted with its high strength tilt locks.

Jagle Panel is used with 4 leaf barn door which allow user to control the light spill and narrowing its beam angle. Jagle Panel’s barn doors are light weight and rugged design which slides very easily into accessory slots.

Jagle Panel has accessories like Soft box, honey comb, minimum and maximum diffusion panels to control the beam of light.

Jagle Panel can be driven by Battery which helps the users to operate the fixture when the electricity is unavailable and supports portability in usage.

There is Carry Cases available for transporting the Jagle Panel without the risk of damage. There are many organised slots to keep Jagle Panel and its accessories. These carry cases have wheels and handles for better portability.

Jagle Panel has effective active cooling mechanism which incorporates high grade heat sink materials and fan systems. This make fixture to run at optimal temperatures and body will not become hot at higher temperature. Even with effective cooling mechanism the fixture runs at very less noise which is very much lower than the audible sound level of 20 dB. Hence Jagle Panel is used in very noise sensitive shooting. More importantly the fixture modulates its FAN speed depending the fixture’s internal temperature which will fluctuate corresponding to light intensity, continuous run time and ambient temperature. This fan speed modulation mechanism will minimise energy consumption and prolong product life.

Jagle Panel is a Green technology, eco-friendly and energy efficient light product which gives very positive impact on the environment and will reduce carbon emission.

With all these features JAGLE PANEL is a World class and future proof lighting fixture which is every DOP and lighting designer’s choice. Jagle Panel will provide brilliant and dynamic solution for every kind of lighting design.