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BVP News Room special issue brings you hot broadcast buzz from Hyderabad based Regional News broadcaster Telangana News, which reports more than 50 hours of news each week and competes for viewership within a dynamic and highly competitive regional news market. They have been an Avid customer for many years and recently implemented Avid’s newsroom and workflow solutions to enable efficient collaboration and a more virtualised production infrastructure. Real Image, a division of Qube Cinema Technologies upgraded the Telangana News channel with Avid newsroom solutions including INews and Avid Media Central. T News is a Telugu news television channel that focuses exclusively on news and current affairs. Real Image has been instrumental in designing and installing major regional and national news channels across India over the past two decades.

The regional news channels have been witnessing major transformation in the newsroom workflows. Regional News broadcaster Telangana News upgraded their existing news setup with an end to end newsroom workflow with solutions from Avid, MOG and Telestream. While the video editors were upgraded to the latest version of Avid Media Composer, the Desk team were introduced to Avid’s NRCS, iNews.

While Avid Media Central | UX facilitates easy access of Media to the Desk team enabling them to Browse, Log and Edit basic sequences, Media | Distribute helps enhance and fasten their CMS and Social Media workflow. And iNews Command with Avid Airspeed has given them more power tools and unsurpassed Redundancy for On Air Playout Control in both PCR & MCR.

“Avid newsroom solutions have set the standards and changed the workflow at Telangana News. People don’t like change, but the way the staff at T News have adapted to the changing environment is tremendous and motivated us to provide the best training and support,” said Shankar Bhat, Head of Broadcast & Provideo Domain at Real Image.

The powerful MediaCentral platform, the industry’s most open, tightly integrated and efficient platform designed for media, underlies a unified, integrated workflow that gives the news channel speed and efficiency. MediaCentral | UX, the cloud-based web front end to the Media Central Platform, provides the Telangana News users with a unified desktop environment to access media and offers tight integration between the Avid newsroom, production asset management and nonlinear editing systems, and reduces the chances of human error.

Avid iNEWS serves as the dynamic nerve centre of content creation and distribution. From planning and resourcing, to on-air delivery, this integrated new workflow enables content creation and seamless delivery of multiple angles of a story to large audiences across TV, websites, mobile apps, and social media channels. Media | Distribute is a part of the full story-centric workflow. Rather than waste time manually publishing stories online, across multiple social media channels, and for mobile apps, one can focus more on telling the story, as all transcoding and delivery processes are automated in the background. One can also simplify and control social media publishing by scheduling messages linked to stories in the iNEWS rundown wherein the story is published to Social Media only after it has been taken On Air.

The news industry in India is seeing a radical transformation with the consumerisation of content creation. There is immense pressure on newsrooms to explore multitude diverse outlets to extend their reach to stay relevant. Telangana News is all set to change the dynamics in the regional news space.

Being an existing channel, how smooth was the upgrade process?

The upgrade was a very smooth affair and this installation is a perfect example of the functioning of the Avid newsroom solution. Many of our users were already familiar with the Newsroom products such as iNews and Command, having worked on it in their previous organizations. Avid is dominant across News channels and is also very popular in Hyderabad, this familiarity has definitely helped us. The whole deployment was executed in record time.

Amidst the current operational activities, how efficient was the training for the newer components?

In the current fast-changing environment of on-air news, Avid newsroom provides precise news automation control. The complete installation was executed by Real Image and they also trained the staff on the newsroom features. Getting the newsroom staff trained and up to speed on a whole new system could have been a huge challenge. Thankfully, the training was handled extremely efficiently by the Real Image product specialists. They started the training much in advance and also ensured that familiar users and New users are trained extensively on the latest versions of the Newsroom systems so that everyone was ready to smoothly adapt during the actual migration.

What was the comfort level with the users as part of the migration?

An elaborate training followed by sufficient hands-on ensured an over-all comfort level with the users. And this made the migration a smooth process without any hiccups. The system allows an optimized evolution with new features. Also, since iNews, our NRCS system was completely customised to suite our workflow requirement, the primary contributors to a News channel - the Desk team were totally at ease at the time of migration.

How does this upgrade help position your channel amongst the other Newsroom setups in your region?

Ours is the most up-to-date Newsroom setup in the region featuring workflow solutions from Avid, MOG and Telestream.And this installation helps our channel to be more competitive and have a head start in the crowded news market segment. This also enables us to consolidate our resources. By adopting Avid, we have a solution now that can evolve with the changing requirements. From a business perspective also very few can match the ecosystem that Avid can provide.

Real Image has been providing support from the launch of T News and through this current upgrade. Can you kindly comment on the quality of support?

Real Image has been a pioneer in the broadcast technology space. Almost all the major news channel are using Avid newsroom solution. The Real Image team often provide support which is beyond the call of duty whenever required. There have been numerous instances where we have received exceptional service and support from them. Infact when we considered the upgrade, it was an easy decision to make... thanks to Real Image and the solutions they sell and support.