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VR Mics to Bring New Twirl in Audio for Video World

Achim Gleissner, Sennheiser broadcast segment head, discusses the future of Audio for Video Industry with BVP team.

Broadcast Video Producer magazine has always been in the process of updating the industry with the innovations undertaken by the leaders. In this process we had a chat with Mr Achim Gleissner, head of broadcast segment at Sennheiser. We tried to understand about the new innovations and products that the company is offering, the factors that drove the company to introduce such out of the box products and the future for the global audio market.

While talking to the magazine team Gleissner said that, “Our focus has always been on creating audio for video. We focus on video accessories and our users are mainly videographers. We are more into video workflows, which is something that motivates us to come up with out of the box products and thus gives us the honour of being the only company in a couple of segment in the audio for video industry.”

He said that, “There is no audio for video segment that the company has not touched. They in fact have exclusivity in segments like underwater audio recording and VR (360 degree) recording microphones.. We always involve cameras and hence our program is also named Audio for Video. We are determined in providing out of the box experiences to our users and introducing something new and different to the industry. Our partnership with GoPro underlines this fact.

“We have been a part of their developer’s program and the product that we had built for the company’s camera is been approved by them. This is because earlier it was like putting a mic in a can and closing the can, there was nothing much that could be done about it. This was a loss of physics, but with our audio systems for their cameras they had a lot of content to give away. They could give real life experiences now as they could record the audio for the video shot.” Sennheiser has given a real life experience to the underwater cameras which were earlier just put in a case. But now, with the audio recording provided to this camera, the company has a lot of content thus making a real life experience possible.

But what Gleissner highlighted in this meet was the future of audio industry and he claims that 360 degree cameras will take over soon and they have a better future then the 3D formats that we have seen. This is because 3D formats were just made by the manufactures to sell a better technology where producers were not involved and hence there was barely any content to be screened at homes. People rather preferred getting better experience at theatres as the little content that was available to be viewed at home was also pretty exorbitantly priced. However, this might not be a case with 360 degree or VR content as producers are equally active with the content production and various leading networks like Discovery are showing great interest in these formats which promises a bright future to this technology. They want to provide the viewers with experience like they are a part of the video and there is no better way they can do it. Sports channels are also showing tremendous interest in it.

He claims that there was always a big “WHY” involved here which won’t be a case with VR. Understanding this requirement for the evolving technology in broadcast, Sennheiser has again stood out from the clutter of other audio companies globally and the underlined its out-ofthe-box approach by becoming the only company to introduce the revolutionary VR microphones that are supporting VR cameras. Gleissner claims that this new microphone, introduced by the company in IBC last years, will take the VR experience to a different level.

He added that Sennheiser has always been so passionate about introducing innovative products in their portfolio that today there is no segment in which the company does not provide audio. By creating revolutionary products like underwater mics and VR mics, they hold a leading position in the audio world.

At the end Gleissner said that the company believes that the audio industry is evolving and AR might turn out to be bigger than VR may be in two years time. VR is already used in professional environment by companies in production facility and a global example of the evolving technology and the promising future for the same is Discovery channel where they are striving to give their audience an all new experience by bringing real life videos, which might be possible through new audio system. Furthermore, while VR already has its place in various production facilities and in broadcast industry it might have its place in documentary making where it might give a real life experience, the resolution and payout is getting better.

Sennheiser claims that the comapny has added new dimensions of VR audio productions with AMBEO. With the easy to handle AMBEO® VR Mic you are able to record high-quality VR sound from just one single point. Bringing your listeners a whole new and highly emotional experience.