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Dhruvika Arora joins Broadcast Video Producer as AM Sales and Advertising

We are glad to introduce our new team member Dhruvika Arora as Assistant Manager – Sales and Advertising, who will be taking to extend our reach and bring in more business. Previously worked as client service manager, she has all the required skills and to understand the market dynamics and work accordingly.

Dhruvika Arora says, “I am very excited about the broadcast industry. I see BVP as a very useful media. It is so important that the new brands and products have a creditable media such as BVP magazine. With digital transformation of all broadcast workflow and explosion of video content for OTT, I believe that all major brands and distributors need BVP to expand their business.”

Our Managing Editor, Mrinmai Shinde is more than happy to have Dhruvika as our new team member. She said, “The news in BVP is focusing on not only the latest product suitable for the Indian market but we specially focus our news on those companies that are active in the Indian market, where the best promotion in our editorial and advertising is a killer application. And I am sure that all our advertisers will be happy to have Dhruvika’s assistance in preparing the media plans.”

Editor, Mr Anil Chopra says –

“Our team is well coupled where Dhruvika knows exactly how to give the best deal to our prestigious advertisers and Mrinmai works in tandem with the editorial.

“We take great pains in planning our editorial themes so that the distribution market benefits from each of the issue. We work very closely with all the exhibitions in the world like NAB, IBC as well as Indian expos like BES and BI.

“I think I will advice our advertisers to look strongly at BVP website which provides good interest to the Indian Broadcast market. Advertising on the BVP website is a good idea.”