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IBC 2017 witnesses record breaking success

Broadcast Video Producer is always agile in justifying its commission of getting the best to its readers. With an aim to satisfy our quest for a better understanding of the new trends in the industry and exploring opportunities in the broadcast business, our Editor, Mr. Anil Chopra had visited IBC 2017 and, in the process, provide our readers the most relevant and reliable information.

The event, that offers equal opportunities to both start-ups and industry giants to exhibit their technologies, had marked a record attendance of 57,669 across the six days on its 50th anniversary. Visitors from all across the expanding media ecosystem had the opportunity to learn about the scope offered by technologies - including social media TV, OTT, VR, AR, Cloud, IP, Bots and 5G - and to meet the most intelligent robots.

As per the observation of our editor, OTT and IPTV are taking over the entire market, and trucks and dishes are completely vanishing. The event highlighted the importance of Artificial Intelligence and its impact in near future on the industry. It was also observed that the shift from big to small screen has not made a grave impact on the content quality. The show also emphasized on capture, camera support, studio lighting and various other support accessories. The show also witnessed the revolutionary solutions to further increase the automation in the industry. Visitors to the 15 exhibition halls witnessed many exciting new launches. The Launch Pad at the show increased year-on-year with a record number of exhibitors; the Future Reality Theatre and Content Everywhere Hub free programs were packed with diverse and new exciting content, embracing the transformation.

Conference delegates packed the Forum to hear from leading experts from Facebook, Google, CNN, HTC Viveport, Dolby, C4 and ITV to discuss and debate the hot topics challenging the industry with a focus on media convergence and global transformation.

Show Highlights: • OTT and IPTV are the future
• Introduction of humanlike robots
• Three new initiatives introduced
• Discussion and debates on trending issues & challenges
• Record breaking footfall of 57,669 registered

IBC also welcomed robots Sophia and Professor Einstein, the expressive, intelligent and exceptionally humanlike robots designed and created by Hanson Robotics Founder and Chief Executive, Dr. David Hanson, Ph.D. Sophia responded to questions verbally and with complex facial expressions during the fascinating keynote session that covered both the technology and the ethics behind the advancement of robotics.

The show introduced three new initiatives which were huge successes. The IP Showcase saw large audiences packed in to see real-world demonstrations of proven IP end-to-end workflows for production and play-out.

The Startup Forum held in association with Media Honeypot brought a new unique event structure matching startups and scale-ups with investors. They welcomed special guest HRH Prince Constantin, who is championing the Dutch startup ecosystem. The inaugural invite only C-Tech Forum brought together senior executives from across the media landscape to discuss and debate two key issues affecting the industry: Cyber Security and 5G. The Forums generated deep dive conversations and networking on two of the most exciting, challenging and important stimulants to impact the industry

IBC Chief Executive Michael Crimp said, “IBC2017 celebrated its 50th anniversary with record attendance, bustling exhibition halls, new features and a dynamic conference. Now we look to the future and continue that conversation via our online community IBC365.”

The IBC team is already geared up come up with a record breaking performance once again at the2018 conference that is scheduled from 13-17 September 2018.