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New Technology at PALM Expo 2017

A pro sound and light expo that has fetched a lot of recognition world-wide, PALM in its 17th edition will once again attract International manufacturers alongside Indian companies to launch their latest products, propelling the industry and encouraging the connection between manufacturers, distributors, dealers and end users. Here’s the low-down on the much-awaited event.

Now in its 17th year running, the PALM expo has firmly established itself as the premier event for entertainment event technology in India. The 2017 edition will once again take place at the BEC, Mumbai from 1– 3 June.

Once again, the very latest technology will be showcased by 500+ brands for use in live stage shows, entertainment and corporate events, theatre productions, installations in venues like nightclubs/pubs/lounges, houses of worship, broadcast and AV, leisure attractions, etc.

The expo offers an unparalleled opportunity to discover the very latest technology and provides an environment that is ideal for meeting manufacturers and suppliers face-to-face.

Over 200 of the industry’s leading local distributors and international brands will showcase state-of-the-art pro audio, lighting, installation and rigging technology at the show.


The show continues to grow year on year, expanding by another 10% this year. Last year the expo boasted of separate halls for lighting and prosound + music production, making room for more stands on the show floor. The expanse of exhibits in each segment meant more efficient movement of buyers leading to better business for exhibitors. The 20,000+ visitors, flooding the aisles over three days were benefitted in better floor management for easy access to product and technology

The 17th Edition of the PALM expo is now all set to welcome a record number of brands through a 20% increase in new exhibitors from 2016. Companies will be showcasing some cutting edge technologies and products on the expo floor and this year PALM has also focused on inviting more and more Indian manufacturers to exhibit, thus promoting the government’s initiative of Make in India.


*The below info is at the time of going to press.

The trade expo over the years has become a leading platform for the event & entertainment industry, offering an opportunity to discover the very latest technology including products from recent international launches. Some of the new products that visitors to PALM can get to see and experience include the following:

AURA OPTO-ELECTRONICS INDIA PVT. LTD., a well-established company manufacturing video walls and LED Modules, will debut their “Made in India” LED Dance Floor for use in indoor and outdoor venues such as halls, exhibition rooms, stage, pubs etc. The AURA LED Dance Floor features a high strength resin Mask, the support of solid aluminum die-casting equipment, big load-bearing capacity, is easy to connect and can be directly stampede with high performance protective structure. The company will also highlight CURVED LED VIDEO WALL that breaks all barriers in the rigid tile category allowing a curving LED tile. This tile has a 4.8mm – 12mm pitch and is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. TRANSPARENT LED WALL by AURA LED introduces a new concept of Flexible LED screens. They are hi-definition LED displays with superior contrast and brightness levels, projecting vibrant images even in high ambient environments. The company will also display their multi-functional, multimedia indoor LED Mobile Standee which has quickly become the standard display technology for the majority of indoor video screen applications to entertain, inform and advertise.

CELTO ACOUSTIQUE, a fully integrated manufacturer for real plug and play systems, will be launching the efficient IWAC series Line Array Speakers at AG Acoustics India Pvt. Ltd booth at PALM 2017. IWAC system has a tremendous dynamic ability, and it offers a superior SPL to size ratio. The newly developed 18” neodymium driver offers an accurate reproduction of macro dynamic signals. In combination with the acclaimed CELTO Acoustique HFDN72 high frequency transducer, IWAC210 can handle large events with ease. The company will also exhibit iFIX Series, an ultra-compact series for installation, satellite speakers and subwoofers, optimized for smooth reproduction in and out of axis. “We like placing IFIX systems in the fixed installations, they are easy to use, always perfect sounding and best of all it has an impressive price/quality ratio that they offer. It’s a very strong system, virtually maintenance free. We also have some in our rental assortment for specific speech purposes,” says Nicolas de Broqueville, owner of Weplay SPRL (Brussels - Belgium).

Also new, is the VCM Series by CELTO ACOUSTIQUE and CT Series. The VCM series is a compact and low profile coaxial monitor. The series executes FOH, monitor, side fill and surround along with superior voice presence through the mix and Neodymium Coaxial for conical directivity.

One of the leading companies in the field of lighting and designing stagecraft equipment, Modern Stage Service will underline their presence at the show by displaying MA Lighting’s new compact range of modular lighting control solutions- the dot2 core. The company will also unveil SHOLITE 20R SUPER SHARPY and MAGIC-FX STADIUM SHOT II. The new Sholite SH 15R 3 in 1 BWS integrates three features –Beam, Spot and Wash in a single unit. This fixture has adopted a tremendous technology and combines advances 330 Watts lamp with superior optical system.

First time exhibitors Pink Noise Professionals Pvt. Ltd. who cater to many industries including corporate, broadcast, live sound, public sector, hospitality, studios and others, will launch Icon Pro Audio ULTRA 4, an audio interface with superior quality AD/DA Convertors and dynamic range. The Icon Pro Audio Ultra 4 USB 3.0 audio interface is designed with latest 24-Bit 96/192KHz 2-In/2-Out audio interface to provide superior sonic quality, a low noise floor, and ultra fast processing in a rugged, compact, versatile desktop unit. Additionally, the exhibitor will also showcase Avantone Pro MixCubes and the Work Pro Audio Blueline Digital which is a distributed audio system based on streaming, using Ethernet and the Yamaha YVC-1000, an intuitive unified communications audio solution, which is a Bluetooth enabled conference phone system for medium to large conference spaces that calls for flexible audio, web or video conferencing.

Sonotone Electronics who have been at the expo since its inception will demonstrate the latest MARANI digital speaker management systems DPA-260P and DPA-480P. The DPA-260P is designed for any crossover configuration and provides suitable processing and control for live application use. DPA-480P offers 4 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs, managed by a powerful MARANI M716 DSP Engine, in addition to high performance 24 bit AD/DA Converters. Also on display will be - V-8000/V-9000 from DynaTech’s V Series Power Amplifiers and the new JTS SGM-14. Dynatech V Series Power Amplifiers deliver from 500 Watts to 6800 Watts of power in two to three rack spaces. High current transistors combined with low noise input amplifiers enable the V series to deliver power. The company will also be showcasing DynaTech Line Array DLA-112 and DLA-212. JTS SGM-14 is a 14” shotgun microphone, designed for ENG, outdoor recording and other specialized uses, it provides narrow acceptance angle and is desirable for long distance sound pick up.

Weifa Trussing Co., Ltd. will introduce Aluminum Truss E1480, the size of which is 1480 x 745mm, using Ø60x6.0mm as main tubes, 60x40x3.0mm as braces. The truss highlights good quality aluminium alloy 6082-T6. The maximum span is 30m (100ft) in a high load capacity.

Fly Dragon Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd, a High Sci-Tech company specializing in stage lights will display its brand LIGHT SKY which is known for its innovation, stability and durability around the world. This year at PALM, LIGHT SKY will showcase F330II, a 15R BEAM with 8 prism+16 double prism+prism combination LCD backlit screen design and it can clearly display in sunshine.

Well-known professional audio and lighting company, Narain Audio & Lighting LLP will introduce a host of new products at PALM Expo 2017 from its brands- NX Audio and Proton. The new launches will include Rock EUR, Rock UR, UHF100 and UHF200.

Adding an extra flavour to the showcase, the company will also introduce NX Audio’s Slam 5, M5K, N14K, IT Series Amps, DJ Media 6000V, DJ Media 4000 DJ Midi, Carbon3 BU Mixer, Symphony Series, FMU14 Mixer, DC26Q, ARIA and VOX mics, techno and club series speakers.

A major draw for rental companies will be new products by TASCAM being displayed by Sun Broadcast Equipments Pvt Ltd. The new product arrangement will comprise of DA-6400-a powerful tool to record/play 64 -channels in live show, a multi-purpose CD-A580 that plays from cassette, CD or USB flash media, SS-R250N - one of the advanced solid-state recorders on the market using technology like Dante and networking to integrate into any commercial environment and DR-10L which is an ultra-compact, incredibly convenient digital recorder/lavalier microphone combo.

Shenzhen Gloshine Technology Co., LTD, a company engaged in indoor and outdoor full-color LED display will be demo rental LED display the new LS4.81 for outdoor and W3.91 for indoor.

New exhibitor Jinali Enterprise, one of India’s leading import house and distributors of IT products and accessories has announced the introduction of VGA and HDMI Cables till 100 mtrs at the PALM Show. More than 1,600 of the world’s largest consumer electronics, PC and mobile device manufacturers incorporate HDMI connectivity into their products. It is very important to use a HIGH Speed and Premium quality HDMI cable to get the maximum performance from latest Technology spends. According to the company, Jinali’s HDMI cables assures the best and consistent connectivity besides the standard benefits of Pure Digital Performance, which is guaranteed by HDMI Standards. It ensures that the plug is held firmly inside the socket to avoid frequent loose connection issues. The brass head of this product also ensures that socket of products are never damaged. This product is engineered to ensure quality connectivity with assurance that your main product is always well maintained. It features 24 Carat Gold Plated pins and Silver Coated Copper Wires.

RAJRATAN a company developing new technologies and eco-friendly green products and also providing services for waste and water management in Municipal, Industrial and Agro sector, will showcase, amongst other products, FLIGHT CASES made by Non Bio–Degradable Plastic Aluminum Composite Board. The series of products will include line array speaker case, bass speaker flight case, console case, double speaker flight case and mixer flight cases. The cases exhibits properties like proofing from water, termite and borer and are maintenance free, durable and long lasting.

H V & COMPANY known for providing high profile audio products that are complemented by strong service and support to professional audio and video rental companies, will debut the PRV Audio’s 12MB1003FT that offers users a superior punch to their pro audio system while also providing woofer type performance enhancing their mid-bass stability. Also on display will be other products which include the following:

The 15W1600 which is an upgraded and advanced voice coil and cone material. The large 4” voice coil accepts the abuse of higher power systems while staying cool with the side forced air cooling system.

The PRV Audio15W1000v2 woofer is designed with a reinforced cone and M-roll surround. The cone is treated to be water resistant.

The D3220Ti PRV Audio pro audio compression driver that features a 2” exit supported by a 3” voice coil allows for accurate reproduction through 17kHz.

Alphatec Audio Video Pvt Ltd, authorized distributors for Music Group in India will bring to users, premium offerings from Music’s brands like KlarkTeknik, Behringer, MIDAS, Tannoy, Turbosound Berlin and Labgruppen. Alphatec will debut at the show a series of new products like KlarkTeknik’s DN 200 and DM 8000, Behringer’s U-Control UMX 610, EP 2000, EP 4000, NEKKST K 5, NEKKST K 6, NEKKST K 8, NEKKST K 10s, DEEPMIND 12, ULTRALINK MS8000, XD 8USB and XD 80USB, Midas’s MR 18, MR 12; Tannoy’s TKT122, TKT102, TKT105; Turbosound Berlin, Labgruppen’s D10:4L, D20:4L, D40:4L, E2:2, E5:4 and E 10:4, Labgruppen Lucia 60/2, Lucia 60/2M and 60/1-70.

German audio equipment manufacturer, BEYERDYNAMIC, will be presenting a new version of the TG 1000 digital wireless system at the Palm Expo 2017. This 24-bit system now has a Dante interface and can be integrated seamlessly into digital audio networks based on the popular Audinate solution. The TG 1000 dual receiver is equipped with a Dante network interface in the form of an RJ45 connector flanked by status LEDs on the back of the 19” device (1 HU). The TG 1000 is a wireless system that has an impressive switching bandwidth of 319 MHz in the UHF range (470 – 789 MHz). beyerdynamic will also be unveiling the TG 500, a versatile wireless system. For performances on smaller stages, theatre productions, speeches or presentations – the new beyerdynamic TG 500 wireless system is a genuine all-rounder!

First time exhibitors Modular Analog, an Indian manufacturer of electronic music instruments and audio equipment and sister concern of TWIGTTSOIP an Indian music company and professional electronic music production house, will launch at PALM, India’s first modular synthesizer, displaying an array of specialized modules. The modules are designed to allow the modification or processing of one parameter of a signal, such as the frequency (oscillator), spectrum (filter), or amplitude (amplifier). The modules are not hardwired together but are connected with patch cords, a matrix patching system, or switches to create a patch. The voltages from the modules may function as (audio) signals, control voltages, or logic conditions. The product range that will be exhibited are Voltage Controlled Oscillator : VCO, Low-Frequency Oscillator : LFO, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release: ADSR, Clocks and Clock Dividers, Filters, Chord Synths, Arpeggiator, Drum Synth, Bass and Sub bass, Step Sequencer, Drones, Voltage Control Amplifier VCA, Mono Patch Chords, CV-THRU 1 in x4 out and 4 x channel Mono to Stereo Mixer.

MA’s complete range of products include Desktop and Modular Synths, Midi Devices, Effects Processors, Audio Patch Cables and electronic music equipment power units.

The partners at Modular Analog assert, “Introducing modular synths that are made in India for Indians and by Indians. Modular synths are for the new breed of Indian electronic musicians to experiment and bring new sounds to their music. From music producers to professional artists performing live at events, all of them use some form of synthesizers.”

Modular analog will target at the show, electronic music producers and live music performers, budding artists, music hobbyists/audiophiles and students who are learning audio synthesis.

Delhi distributor Acoustic Arts Pvt. Ltd. will present a line-up of interesting new products from their principals Powersoft and TW Audio. These include the Powersoft Quattrocanali series of Amplifiers, Powersoft Deva, TW Audio C5, B10 and T20loudspeakers and Quested Cinema monitors.

One of the leading Suppliers of Pro Light & Sound System, Sound Emporium has established connections with all the dealers and distributors. The company is at present engaged in marketing Professional Light & Sound Systems PAN India. Attracting attention at PALM 2017, the company will exhibit: XMlite - MS 440W, Beam 350W, FS 280, FS 350/440 and LM 285. Also on display will be Meline S2 -3 and TLA 21, R5 /R10A and EH 6.0, FN 2.0, VX 2.0.

Mumbai based Circle Pro Audio one of India’s fast growing and creative Pro Audio Company, with their wireless microphones circle has made quite a mark for themselves in the Pro Audio industry. “I am a Sound Engineer myself and I understand how each mix engineer has their own preferences to microphones and other equipment, this was the very reason why we dedicated ourselves to create a product that could coexist with the leading brands of the world and yet maintain the ethics of our brand which tops with quality” says Sancheth Suvarna of Circle Pro Audio. Over years the company has developed various new products in the microphone as well as other products that act as an addition to other products and this year the company has assured some great new indigenously developed new products that the industry will witness, which will be designed made and developed in India - this will be a new stepping stone for Circle Pro Audio.

One of the Largest exhibitors at the show - Yamaha to debut a range of new products

Leading exhibitors Yamaha Music, occupying the entire Hall 2B & C will display an entire bouquet of products which include the following:

• WX-030 Wireless speaker and WX-C50 Wireless preamp that enables users to access music with a simple app and allows it to wirelessly stream throughout their home using their existing Wi-Fi network. It allows the user to stream it, listen to thousands of free internet radio stations and the music stored on their smart devices and computers. With wireless connectivity, all MusicCast products are fully loaded with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirPlay. The user can expand to a whole home audio experience. When the user is ready, they can add MusicCast wireless speakers, sound bars or other devices in up to 9 other rooms and listen throughout their home. Featuring no wires and easy installation, by using MusicCast, the user does not need to fuss with placing wires through walls into other rooms.
• VXS Series M and S models. VXS Series Mmodels combine sophisticated sound and design in compact surface-mount speakers that will make a significant contribution to refined and elegant spaces. VXS series “S” model subwoofers are ideal matches for VXS and VXC series speakers, smoothly extending the low frequency range with superb sonic quality for bigger, more true-to-life musical reproduction. Although no larger than a compact surface-mount speaker the VXS3S delivers solid and natural-sounding low-end reinforcement.
• Yamaha MX 49 & 61 is great for stage, studio and everywhere in between. The MX series synthesizers feature carefully selected sounds taken from the Yamaha MOTIF XS. That powerful sonic palette is packed into sleek packages- available in 49- and 61-note versions that fit today’s on-the-go life style. But the MX Series aren’t just synthesizers; they are designed to bridge the gap between hardware and software. By adding extensive audio and MIDI USB connectivity, advanced DAW and VST controller features and a suite of powerful music production software, the MX integrate hardware reliability with controller flexibility to give you the best of both worlds at a ground breaking level of affordability. The Yamaha MX49 and Yamaha MX61 each feature 128 performances and are all editable. There are a total of 16-multi-timbral parts for each performance. The keyboard features 128 notes of polyphony, so you won’t have to worry about notes cutting off even with the densest sequences from your DAW. With Bi-directional USB Audio/MID interfacing onecan record its internal sounds directly to the computer.
• Montage 6, 7 and 8. It is the new era in Synthesizers with industry-changing DX and the hugely popular Motif. Building on the legacy of these two iconic keyboards, the Yamaha Montage sets the next milestone for Synthesizers with sophisticated dynamic control, massive sound creation and streamlined workflow all combined in a powerful keyboard designed to inspire the users’ creativity.
• RS320 Series. Japan’s heritage of engineering excellence and the 50-yer legacy of Yamaha Guitar Craftsmanship, every detail of each REVSTAR model has been carefully engineered to bring out the unique personality. From the curves and the contours of the ground-up body design to the distinctive colors and finishes the custom –wound pickups that flawlessly match the guitar’s character, the REVSTAR collection comprises a diverse lineup of instruments as unique as the guitarists who play them.

Demo Qube

The Demo Qubes which are an extension to the exhibition floor will once again enable audio companies to demo their sound systems with ease in a very private cube structure that is specially created for this feature. Conceptualised to serve as a ‘live’ demo area where key prospective clients could be invited, the sound at these Demo Qubes can be manipulated, tested and heard at various volume levels, which is not possible on the expo floors.This year, visitors will be able to experience four Demo Qubesat PALM by Bose, Pope Professional, RCF and Rivera Digitech respectively.

Open Air Line Array

Additionally, the ‘Open Air Line Array Demo’ will showcase some of the best and latest line array systems in realistic conditions to interested buyers from the rental and event segment. This year the venue for the demo has been relocated to Ground 1, visitor parking, BEC. The 12 confirmed line array exhibits are from brands that include: Amate Audio, Audiocenter, Carlton Audio, Stonewater, Ewing, KV Audio, Lloyd Audio, Next proaudio, Outline, Sound Capital, Star Acoustics and TW Audio.

For visitors and delegates wanting to develop their professional skills and knowledge quotient, PALM’s industry leading Conference & Seminar is back with a stellar line-up of expert speakers driving the three day event from 1 to 3 June at the Mezzanine level of the main expo hall (hall 1) of the BEC.

Besides boosting the business and knowledge quotient,the PALM Expo also acts a platform and catalyst to recognise and honour innovation in technology, quality work and talent and skill of industry professionals, through the PALM Sound & Light Awards.

The award categories will honour excellence in ‘Sound Rental’, ‘Lighting Rental’, ‘Video Rental’, ‘Stage Production’, ‘Lighting Design’, ‘Set/Scenic Design’, ‘FOH Engineering’, ‘Audio Systems Engineering’, ‘Audio Monitor Engineering’ to name just a few.


One of the biggest exhibitors at the expo HARMAN will be back with the PALM Live Arena, one of the most loved expo features, and will once again enjoy its own private space as stage, sound, light & music come together in perfect harmony in Hall 6, BEC. A holistic space for top notch entertainment, with performances from some of the biggest artists and bands, the HARMAN PALM Live Arena attracts a lot of dealers and distributors.

HARMAN which is also one of the anchor booths at in Hall 1, will display a host of equipment. Buyers and expect to see products which include the AKG C314 - PROFESSIONAL MULTI-PATTERN CONDENSER MICROPHONE: that captures every detail with the precision your creativity deserves for studio, stage, and wherever your sound takes you; the D5 C (CS)- PROFESSIONAL DYNAMIC VOCAL MICROPHONE that you can depend on, from small live gigs to large concert halls; the D112 MkII - Professional dynamic bass drum microphone featuring a new integrated flexible mount, while retaining all the sonic strengths that have made it’s predecessor the industry-standard; the LC81 MD - REFERENCE LIGHTWEIGHT CARDIOID LAVALIER MICROPHONE. With a diameter of only 4.8mm, and a length of 10mm, it’s one of the smallest cardioid lavaliers available; LC82 MD - REFERENCE LIGHTWEIGHT OMNIDIRECTIONAL LAVALIER MICROPHONE - one the smallest omni directional microphones in the world; EC81 MD - REFERENCE LIGHTWEIGHT CARDIOID EAR-HOOK MICROPHONE and EC82 MD - REFERENCE LIGHTWEIGHT OMNIDIRECTIONAL EAR-HOOK MICROPHONE are Designed for theater, broadcast, musical performances and conferences

PALM Conference & Seminar Programme – The Gateway to Business Intelligence

The programme will feature sessions topical to the audio, lighting, video, systems integration and music production industry. The three-day programme will be an amalgamation of product presentations, Q&A sessions, workshops and panel discussions, designed to up the knowledge quotient and cultivate technical skills, while also providing delegates an opportunity to develop business connections.

Speakers this year include ace visual & lighting designer Becket Tundatil, who has lit up stages like Sunburn, IIFA, EDC, to name just a few. Becket will answer questions on designing lighting for the big stage with a look at a unique lighting design on screen and how lighting designers work with sound to create the complex environments and designs for stage performances.

The speaker profile for the programme includes the country’s most sought after technical and engineering talent, sharing their expertise on the platform. On day one, which is the day dedicated to stage sound & lighting, top live sound engineer Fali Damania in an exclusive Q&A session will let delegates in on the tips and secrets in the live sound realm and everything you wanted to know about the final live sound mix, which no one else will tell you.

The theme of Music Production on day three is also high on the agenda; Donal Whelan of Hafod Mastering, UK will explore the topic of “Cultural Differences in Production and Mastering Practices” along with Vijay Dayal, Recording Engineer with Yash Raj Films.

Point Blank Music School, UK, voted the world’s ‘Best Music Production & DJ School’ by the readers of DJ Mag, will host a masterclass by award-winning Bollywood composer Sanchit Balhara, where, Balhara will give an insight into his creative process, showing his approach from original composition through to orchestration and recording using a working example score from the Indian epic Bajirao Mastani.

Post lunch will see Oscar winner Resul Pookutty, in an interactive Q&A session wherein he will present his expertise on “How to Record Film Sound- A modern perspective.”

Day three sessions will conclude with the hugely popular Open Forum for sound engineers in association with AES, convened once again by Aditya Modi, of AES. Others on the panel include Chairman of Audio Engineering Society, India – Uday Chitre and renowned sound engineer Mahesh Amberkar.

Also running over the three days are product presentationsby leading manufacturers like Yamaha, Harman, and Marani. Day two will see Michele Marani of Seed Digital Asia conduct a “Presentation on Loudspeaker Management Systems” while ICT-AV-CCTV-Automation Consultant, A.R. Chandrashekhar of Anuvin Consultants will provide info on “Bridging The Gap – ICT /AV / Security”.

PALM Soundscape and DJ Championship

The PALM Soundscape has now evolved to greater heights with DJ Championship Director Reji, curating the Soundscape sessions too with OHM as Sound Partners, Video Wall as LED partners and DJ Gear provided by Pioneer thus providing crucial impetus to the three day programme. The Soundcape programme has been upgraded with an amalgamation of power-packed Electronic music and DJ centric panel discussions, workshop, and product presentations and will enable DJs across the country to learn from and network with some leading industry experts like Aneesh Prasad - Co-founder and Director at The Outbox Project; hip-hop artist, Enkore; Turntablist & Sound Designer, DJ Skip; Ma Faiza - The Mother Of Electronica in India; Parampreet Singh Dhanoa - Head of Operations at Zee Live; Richy Dave - Founder of SURGE Digital; hip-hop artists, SEZ and Shah Rule; Tanseer Jabbar - Producer, DJ and founder of The Inventory.

These bigwigs from the Indian DJ and electronic music scene will share their experience and expertise on panels discussions which include ‘Mega Stage Events 101’; ‘Hybrid DJing: music production meets live DJing Workshop’; ‘Reiventing the Wheels of Steel’; ‘Market presence... through the social media lens’ and ‘The Indian Hip-Hop explosion’

Besides panel discussions by industry leaders, this feature of PALM which will be held will take place in Hall 4, VIP Parking Area will also host workshops, product presentations, song deconstruction and Synthfest by United Machines (Himanshu Pandey) with gear provided by, and

The first two days of the PALM Soundscape will conclude with pro and amateur disc jockeys battling it out for the coveted PALM DJ Championship title. In its 7th consecutive year the championship will once again scout DJ talent across various genres of music. PALM DJ CHAMPION PREMIUM PRIZE PARTNER – DENON will sponsor the DENON MCX 8000 for the winner of the Championship. The first and second runners up will take home the DENON MC 7000 and DENON MC 6000 MK 2 respectively.

This strong and relevant partnerships reflects the pioneering spirit of the Vido Wall, OHM, Denon and Pioneer brands by encouraging upcoming DJ talent in India.