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Imagine you just performed a stunt- it was incredible and unbelievable! But no one was around to experience it. And worst, you had no means to record the act. Isn’t that disappointing? Well, that’s where action camera kicks in. With improved technology, the wide gap between traditional camcorders and handy portable action cameras is decreasing day by day. Though the former offers promising features and flawless image quality, the latter has many advantages- they are pretty cheap, lightweight and can be mounted on almost anything from helmets, cycles, boats, skateboard, body-parts, drones and even your cute pet! And with each passing day, the best action cameras are getting even better, lighter and cheaper- you can go pro in no time!

GoPro's Hero4 Black

For some, the term GoPro and Action Camera are synonymous which explains the level of expertise this brand has to provide. The new GoPro Hero4 is a top-grade POV camera which records 4K/Ultra HD video at 30fps, 2.7K at 60fps, 1080p at 120fps or 720p at 240fps and 120 frames-per-second silky smooth slow motion video for playback at 1080p resolution It is a perfect choice for professional videographers who never wants to miss an action! The camera is priced at a premium($499.99) but pretty much justifies itself having features like ProTune recording, time lapse photo option, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, waterproof to 131 feet (with case), battery life up to 1-3 hours, plenty of video quality option and comes in a rugged design with sturdy mounting system options. Though the image quality is praiseworthy yet the camera lacks image stabilization, shows lens distortion and has a clunky interface. In spite of these drawbacks, it is still one of the best POV cameras which capture professional-grade footage.

Tom Tom Bandit

We are familiar with the term ‘Tom Tom’ in the automotive industry but was surprised to come across a POV camera named Tom Tom Bandit. Yes, it’s the same brand that has come up with a very successful and unique camera and has indeed brought the trend of bullet-shaped cameras back to ‘action’. Bandit can shoot up to 2K resolution at 30p or Full HD 1080 at 60p (it can shoot 4K, but only at 15 fps). It can also shoot time-lapse sequences and capture stills at up to 16 megapixels. Features like the new ‘shake-to-edit’ and the intriguing ‘Create a Story’, make this even more tempting and has effortlessly done their job of stealing away the limelight. It also has a built-in media server which means that it can process footage in-camera – without needing to download to a computer first. TomTom has a built-in series of sensors that not only record location but speed and G-force too, so that when these sensors pick up that something exciting has happened they automatically tag the footage. The model comes in a neat body with a large, easy to read LCD panel and requires a lens swap to water-proof. The battery runs for a decent three hours when recording 1080p at 30fps with WiFi switched off. The simplicity and ease of usability make this an outstanding camera though it's weight and shape can sometimes make easy mounting a bit tricky. Yet it’s giving a tough competition to its established counterparts.

The Sony FDR-X1000V

Sony has done it again! With absolutely no compromise with the video quality, this POV camera offers 4K Ultra HD Video (frame rate of 30fps, alongside 1080p at 60fps, and high frame rate recording at 120fps or 240fps for buttery smooth slo-mo playback) and comes with 170 degrees ultra-wide ZEISS Tessar lens plus stereo sound recording. It's got a burst photo mode too, for snapping 10 high res shots over a space of either one, two or five seconds and captures stills at 8.8 megapixels. It is a splashproof camera (Optional waterproof case) with built-in LCD screen for changing settings and GPS. One of the remarkable and rare features of this camera is that it comes with a 3.5mm input for external microphones - most cams either have a USB mic input or nothing at all. This definitely adds an extra something to it! In spite of its flat shape which makes helmet mounting convenient, the only drawback is its weight- it is massively heavy than almost all of its counterparts. Sony has a wide range of accessories for mounting and offers one for your pooch too! To sum it up- though it lacks the finesse and easy operability as the GoPro, yet it’s a profitable alternative to it as it costs less but provides a video quality that’s almost as good as its rival.

Garmin Virb XE

It can brag about being different from all as it can capture your action, speed, and location- all at the same time. Owing to the GPS and other built-in motion sensors, this camera features extreme sports metrics (speed, elevation, latitude and longitude, distance traveled, gradient etc.) on its videos- some measured by the camera and some by the simultaneously running compatible app on your smartphone. The app also works as a viewfinder and can be used to change settings. This box shape waterproof camera (up to 50m) weighs 152g and makes chest mounting much easier. It is bulky compared to its competitors and not that suitable for vehicle mounting. Though it fails to offer 4K, yet the video quality is very impressive- one can shoot at 1440p at 30fps, 1080p at up to 60fps, 960p at up to 100fps, 720p at up to 120fps and 480p at 240fps for slo-mo playback, as well as 12MP and 7MP stills. There’s also an additional burst mode (12MP at 30fps) and a time-lapse mode, which allows you to set intervals of up of 120 seconds between photos. The VIRB XE is an extremely sturdy dust proof camera featuring Wi-Fi which can withstand a fall onto concrete from at least a couple of meters thus making it one of the best action cameras at present. It allows the use of 128GB microSD card so running out of space is not an issue. The VIRB XE borrows the GoPro mounting system giving it access to numerous accessories. It has the potential to become the best handy nd sports camera ever only if the video quality can be improved a little.

Olympus TG-Tracker

This futuristically designed action camera is undoubtedly next-gen loaded with sensors (GPS, compass, acceleration sensors plus a barometer and thermometer all capturing data from inside the compact case). It features an ultra-wide 204° lens fronting a ½.3-inch CMOS sensor and weighs 180g. The camera records 4k at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps and an impressive 240fps at 720p for slow motion capture and comes with an inbuilt small LED video light. The TG-Tracker is waterproof (up to 30m) and comes with a built-in stabilizer and has the capacity to withstand temperatures as low as -10°C. The battery life is impressive and runs up to 1 hour 30 minutes. This easy to use action camera can take on almost anything that comes in its way making it one of the sturdiest cameras in town!


Kodak's action camera is an outstanding when the budget is an issue- it is for half the price of GoPro Hero4 Silver. Offering respectable video quality, the Pixpro SP1 does not need a case to be waterproof like the other which is one of the best features. It can survive depth to 33 feet. Apart from the Hero4 Silver, it is the only camera which offers a color LCD screen. The panel makes framing shots and changing settings much easier than do other action cameras. Though the list of advantages definitely weighs out the one of shortcoming, yet there are a few cons like the fact that it features relatively low frame rate , i.e. 30 fps at 1080p and is comparatively bulky. But being the best camera in this price range, this yellow and black Kodak Pixpro SP1 is definitely worth the money.