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Newsrooms Projects by SRSG

Newsroom software is one of the major components for a news channel. There was a time when news channels used to run the channel without NRCS software. We can now only imagine how difficult it would have been without the software & doing news telecast manually. We cannot think of any news channel without NRCS. It has made the life of journalists so smooth & easy, that they can now concentrate only on getting more feeds, cover more events, without bothering much about scheduling, & other things. Also, the production cost is now minimized by NRCS software.

Newsrooms Projects (2016-17)
Projects Undertaken Equipment Procured Total cost of the Project (Rs crore)
Channel 9 Octopus NRCS 25 Cr.
News Live Octopus NRCS 1.2 Cr.
OTV Octopus NRCS 3.35 Cr.
Figure: Chart representing Newsroom Projects undertaken by SRSG in the year 2016

Newsroom software has also been modified since last few years & today it has come up with all major features like social media integration, cloud-based news delivery, multilingual user interface, support of user-used devices like mobiles, tablets for gathering news. It is easier for journalists now to gather news using just their mobile or tablet cameras, they can create & edit stories & upload videos with scripts though mobile networks. Producers & editors can have instant access of these news rundowns, from anywhere in the world. After they approve the rundown after editing, the same rundown can be on-aired from the main station. This is all about news creation & management. Regarding delivery of news to viewers also, there are a lot of improvements now. The traditional way of watching the news in TV is outdated now. Viewers can access video clips with related news script online anywhere through their devices like laptops, tablets or mobile using data network. This is also a feature from newsroom software. This feature is CMS connectivity, which allows TV news editors to upload pages directly, saving considerable time, & reducing pressure on the news team. Even the viewers can make comments, likes or even vote on particular news through their favorite social media sites like facebook, twitter, etc. So this means NEWS has become interactive now. This is the new market trend of NRCS software.
Another important feature is multi-platform news telecast. NRCS has enabled now to use the same stories to be used by Print & media like TV & Radio, which again reduces considerable time & cost of production.
Major vendors worldwide in the market for NRCS are OCTOPUS, ENPS, INEWS. Apart from these major players, there are so many other companies coming up with newsroom software in competitive prices. Main competition lies in keeping pace with new technology & at the same time fitting in customer’s budget. Second priority, while choosing NRCS, is online 24/7 support structure. As whole TRP of news channels depends only on the rapidity & swiftness of news delivery, without proper technical support from OEMs, it would not be possible. Another important factor in NRCS is its compatibility with other components in Broadcasting, like TV automation, graphics etc. All NRCS software are MOS compliant, & are tightly integrated with any other device which is also MOS compliant.
Buyers like TV or radio channels, who are big players in National level, do not want to compromise on cost while selecting NRCS software. They need all the latest features in NRCS with hardware & software redundancy, as they want to cover the whole country for news distribution. But at the same time, there are few customers, in regional levels, for whom price is an important factor while choosing NRCS. It is now not a challenge for them also to get a cost-effective product, as a lot of vendors are coming up with low-cost newsroom solutions.
Though there is a saturation already in the Broadcast market, but still for news software, there are ample of opportunities. This is because news software can not only be integrated with traditional TV channels but also with IPTV, websites, OTTs etc, which is future of broadcasting. Accessibility of news is now in fingertips with the use of smartphones & 3G network. But NRCS software is still playing a major role in the delivery of instant news to viewers.