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The term Virtual Set has been blurred somewhat over time, originally meaning to use a computer and a camera tracker to generate a background in real-time to chromakey talent into. Virtual Sets now encompass both live and post, tracking and trackless solutions, and is even used to refer to simple blue/greenscreen work where talent is keyed into a studio. Broadcast Video Producer presents the best ones in trend.

Infinity Set by Brainstorm

Brainstorm features the most sophisticated and flexible virtual studios on the market, from complex tracking systems to inexpensive trackless virtual sets. Infinity Set is the tool of choice for broadcasters seeking a flexible, fast and powerful green screen virtual studio system, and is compatible with almost any camera tracking system there is, as well as capable of transcending usual trackless environments with its groundbreaking TrackFree technology. Brainstorm’s virtual studio solutions can function with both internal and external chroma key. Infinity Set can cope with any virtual set requirement and includes a complete real-time 3D graphics toolset, allowing for the seamless integration of 3D objects within the scene, or imported from a variety of third-party packages. Aston 3D compositions can also be included, controlled and edited.
Infinity Set’s TrackFree provides broadcasters with all the benefits of affordable, easy-to-use trackless virtual studio solutions and the capability to match tracked environments in flexibility and realism -all without the need of external tracking hardware! Infinity Set permits the easy creation of 3D virtual sets from scratch, just dragging and dropping elements from its libraries of floors, walls, complete sets, furniture, and media. Along with TrackFree, Infinity Set takes virtual possibilities to a new level with advanced new features like the Video Teletransporter or the 3D Presenter, a technology that enhances the realism of the virtual set generating a true 3D representation of the talent out of a video feed. Our revolutionary HandTracking feature allows the presenters in a virtual environment to trigger graphics and animations with the simple movement of their bare hands. Finally, FreeWalk enables the presenter to move freely forward, backward and sideways even though the real camera is in a fixed position.
For other broadcaster needs, Brainstorm also presents eStudio as a powerful and flexible toolset that provides solutions for all real-time graphics requirements. The eStudio is unique in the market due to its hugely powerful capabilities, open architecture, and versatility, enabling both design and real-time playout of virtual studios and 3D graphics as well as the easy creation of customized applications.
Both products can use OnDemand to trigger additional objects, graphics, and animations with complete control over the rundown list.
Brainstorm’s virtual studio solutions have been adopted by world-renowned customers such as CNBC, NHK, TVE, Audi and General Electric, among others.

Viz Virtual Studio by Vizrt

It offers a scalable, open and complete tool set for virtual studio production. The system fully supports the Vizrt family of products and can be seamlessly integrated with existing software installations. Viz Virtual Studio supports all major camera-tracking solutions and other studio peripherals, offering broadcasters a cutting- edge solution for the creation of virtual sets. It features a comprehensive studio and production workflow and impressive graphics capabilities. It delivers the highest quality visual image for the most challenging productions while providing an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. The Defocus Shader emulates the focus effects of optical lenses to create a virtual set that is almost indistinguishable from a real world studio.
The scenes for a set are created in Viz Artist, where the graphic designers build, animate, and compose their virtual environment. With Viz Artist, even the smallest stage area can be turned into an impressive studio. Existing sets can be enhanced with virtual objects with which the presenter can interact. Importing of Maya or Cinema 4D projects enable the designers to work in their preferred environment right up to the last minute. Reimport will keep the additional plugins on the containers if the scenes have been modified in Maya or Cinema 4D after they have been imported to Viz Artist. Substance shader plugins provide realistic materials from a large database with individual parameters exposed in Viz Artist. Viz Virtual Studio allows a single operator to handle complex productions that would normally require several different operators, allowing staff to concentrate on other tasks, improving overall efficiency.Enlighten from Geomerics brings a whole new level of lighting possibilities to the virtual studio getting one step closer to photorealism in real-time. Talent reflection and depth of field add further to the realism achievable with Viz Virtual Studios and Immersive Graphics. Feeds from social media and second screen applications can easily be merged into the virtual environment as part of the scene designed in Viz Artist. Viz Virtual Studio allows a single operator to handle complex productions that would normally require a team of operators. This allows staff to concentrate on other tasks, improving overall efficiency.
Viz Virtual Studio includes the Tracking Hub component. Tracking Hub converts the tracking data coming from any mechanical or image-based tracking system—or a combination of the two—and converts it to camera data that can be used by Viz Engine. Even complex rigs with error compensation, like gyros, can be defined. Tracking Hub can distribute tracking information to several Viz Engines and includes failover functionality for redundant Viz Virtual Studio setups as well as its own time base for systems that may not be running in sync. Router control is available to switch incoming signals.

TriCaster Virtual Sets by NewTek

TriCaster live virtual sets are realistic, software-modeled studio environments that you can create in any 3D program and store right in the system. They allow you to place your talent into a high-end studio—without the expense, construction, and inflexibility of a physical set—no matter how small your production space is or what it looks like. All you need is basic lighting and a simple green screen or solid-color backdrop, and TriCaster will help turn your location into a sophisticated, network-style studio environment.
You can use Virtual Set Editor to create your own, but to get you started, each TriCaster model comes with several complete virtual sets in multiple styles and settings to give your location a professional makeover right out of the box. Few examples include Arena Report (contemporary studio with video desk center stage and standing presentation area. It is considered for Broadcast, Business, Corporate, News, Sports, Tech, Webcasting), City Loft (elegant urban space with a brick backdrop, media display and a virtual view of the nighttime skyline. Used for Business, Entertainment, Events, Financial, Presentation, Talk, Webcasting), Keynote (virtual auditorium with main stage presentation area and large media display. It is considered for Business, Corporate, Education, Presentation) and numerous more.

Virtual Set Software by intensiKey

It is designed to give production professionals and media novices the power of true 3D virtual sets in live and post environments. Their products include intensiKey Live, intensiKey Post and Virtual Sets. intensiKey Live is available for the PC, Mac, Android, and soon iOS, intensiKey Live is a true live 3D virtual set production app. It's ability to chroma key webcams, capture card inputs, and phone cameras and composite them in real-time into 2D and 3D virtual sets makes it a one of a kind application. The output of your Mac, PC, or Smartphone can be taken into a production switcher, streaming encoder, or projector. intensiKey Post is designed from the ground up to be powerful yet easy to use, intensiKey meets the needs of a broad range of virtual set compositing tasks including chroma keying, sizing talent appropriately into the virtual set, and adding B source video correctly to monitors. It is designed for the PC to work upstream from your editing software or as a standalone application for turning camera footage into gorgeous 3D Virtual Set Studios. Virtual Sets - both intensiKey Live and Post can work with 2D images but to get the advantage of true 3D perspective 3D virtual sets must be used.