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HOT NEWSROOM SOLUTION I – NRCS (Newsroom Computer System)

Newsrooms are in a continuous process of evolution. To engage audiences on a deeper and more personal level and to do so with lightning speed keeping parity with the ever-increasing number of media platforms, expectations from NRCS is changing. Broadcast Video Producer has selected the best solutions to make your newsroom more efficient than ever by delivering compelling stories at the right time and right way!

Avid iNEWS

Avid iNEWS is a core element of the complete Avid story-centric workflow, serving as the dynamic nerve center of content creation and distribution. From planning and resourcing to on-air delivery, this integrated new workflow enables you to create and deliver multiple angles of a story to larger and wider audiences across TV, websites, mobile apps, and social media channels. All while saving your newsroom time and operating costs. With the comprehensive new story-centric workflow, the story is now the center of all planning and delivery empowering news teams to create, collaborate, manage, and deliver a wider range of content for viewing on TV, websites, mobile apps, and social media channels—faster and in more ways than ever using iNEWS and MediaCentral | UX. Wherever a story is happening, the team needs to be there. Whether in the newsroom, the studio, or the field, journalists, and producers can create, view, and edit iNEWS stories and browse rundowns through the included MediaCentral | UX web-based interface, or native iOS and Android apps. iNEWS gives journalists, assignment editors, producers, and news directors swift access to moment-by-moment status information, feeds, stories, and rundowns. You can even get playback status via iNEWS | Command and access media globally using Media | Index. Leveraging the speed, reliability, and accuracy of iNEWS, teams can now produce more content for more channels than ever before. iNEWS story-centric workflow tools provide a dashboard of all the content related to key stories in a single location. Everyone covering a hot topic can focus on what matters most—creating and delivering compelling news stories.

Octopus 8

Octopus 8 is a newsroom computer system designed for use by television and radio broadcasters. Their software solution facilitates editorial collaboration between news team members at every stage of the newscast production process, from initial receipt of task notification to the moment the completed story goes to the teleprompter. Octopus goes even beyond by providing the tools to publish your content to the web and social media channels from a single platform. Octopus newsroom software runs natively on Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Apple OS X. Mobile apps are available for Google Android and Apple iOS tablets as well as smartphones. Octopus is suitable for all types and levels of operation, from a single channel with just a few bulletins per day to full-scale 24/7 news networks. The Octopus 8 system can ingest all the incoming source materials, such as news agency wires, RSS feeds, emails with feedback or tips from the audience, SMS messages or even faxes. Octopus helps different teams within TV, radio and online portals work collaboratively on current affairs programs and news items. Professionals from a variety of departments can share information to deliver well-sourced stories quickly and accurately. Source materials, documents, photos, contacts or emails can be attached to each task and will be archived alongside the final content. Users can allocate all of the stories and elements into one central location. Features like visual story history and version comparison, possibility to separate the script and the technical part or the instant preview of the CG objects from selected graphics systems, are included. Rundowns can be created in Octopus 8 automatically based on a schedule plan and rundown templates; they can also be created manually. Multiple slugs or even entire rundowns can be copied/pasted to another show. Octopus integrates with the most popular social media platforms in both directions. On one hand, it allows users to search and browse content being posted in accounts such as YouTube and Twitter, follow particular hashtags or channels and have the streamlined view organized in Octopus. On the other hand, it supports the uploading of videos to YouTube, tweeting breaking news to Twitter and posting your program teasers on Facebook. The Octopus 8 Social Media Hub also tracks the feedback from your followers.

Dalet News Wire

Dalet provides a complete NRCS solution that manages end-to-end TV, radio and digital news production for every type of workflow (News, Sports, Programs). Dalet News Wire covers all the needs of a newsroom and provides story-centric workflow tools to increase productivity and maximize content value through easy content repurposing on multiple devices, including social networks. It is the only fully integrated news system that meets the challenge of media convergence. In a single system, Dalet News Wire manages end-to-end TV, radio and digital news production for every workflow (News, Sports, Programs). This powerful module covers all the needs of a newsroom, from scheduling, job assignment, wire ingest, scripting to social media integration. To foster collaboration and offer a cohesive workflow, Dalet News Wire is directly connected to the desktop production tools and shares the same media database. Boasting integration with third-party systems, Dalet News Wire story-centric workflow tools increase productivity and maximize content value through easy content repurposing on multiple devices. In addition to traditional agency wire feeds, Dalet News Wire allows you to capitalize on user-generated content (UGC) and to engage your audience on a deeper and more personal level. To take full advantage of the incoming value-added content in a way that enhances overall productivity, Dalet News Wire delivers efficient tools that fully integrate into existing workflows. From capture to multi-platform distribution, it offers a complete solution to leverage social media. Compelling stories are created using a mix of user-generated content and professionally gathered content before being easily distributed to traditional and new media channels. Scheduling: Editors model their timetable with program slots for a given period, insert scripts or blocks based on templates, manage timings and assign studios. Dalet News Wire allows for economies of scales as multiple sites and channels can be managed from a central location. Planning & Assignment: Editors create events on specific subjects for which journalists receive job assignments along with valuable information such as descriptions, associated wires, linked media or PDF, URLs and more. When inserted into a rundown, all related stories created by journalists are automatically inserted pending editor’s validation. Notifications & Chat: Dalet notification engine sends assignments directly to journalists’ desktops. Other notifications can be set up to notify incoming wires, approval or rejection of submitted stories. An instant messaging feature allows for fast information and links exchanges.

EditShare Flow

With ever-growing production demands and the associated increase in media assets and users required to access them, every production project needs a sophisticated media management toolset. With our heritage in shared storage solutions for broadcast and media, EditShare is uniquely positioned to understand these requirements and today their Flow production media asset management platform is at the heart of many of the world's leading production facilities workflows. Flow provides a powerful production media asset management (PAM) platform for creative control of all files during the production process including 4K and remote editorial workflows. Flow will tag, organize, and manage your media, improving efficiency and multiplying productivity. Flow Automation adds the ability to automate complex and repetitive workflow tasks including transcoding and QC. With AirFlow and Flow Story, it is possible to remotely access, edit and package media on your shared storage system, increasing the opportunities for creative development outside the boundaries of your facility. The Flow platform includes server-based modules as well as Mac OS X, Windows, and web client applications to create a complete palette of production tools. From ingest As the main Flow client for managing content, Flow Browse offers quick access to all your media and metadata with proxy files, providing flexible viewing access for all users on a project. One can search, browse, view metadata, log, create sub-clips and add markers for a truly collaborative workflow. Media can also be organized into Projects, Folders, and Sequences and archived content can be retrieved from EditShare Ark or other 3rd party storage sources. With current security and reliability of cloud-based technology prohibiting full migration to Cloud storage for production, EditShare AirFlow utilizes on-premise storage already used for high bandwidth workflows to provide secure access to media from anywhere in the world with a basic internet connection. Flow Automation adds an additional layer of intelligence to your Flow system. Repetitive tasks like copying, moving, deleting, transcoding and organizing projects or media spaces can be triggered at regular times of day or week or based on user actions. For more processor hungry tasks like transcoding, you can add Flow Worker Nodes to offload the processes. Using simple drag and drop tools admin users can create their own workflow templates that run on demand. An intuitive schedule display shows the jobs created from these templates and allows admin users to change priorities if required. Flow Logger is a purpose-built application designed specifically for quick and easy one-click logging. Whether you're producing sports events or reality shows – or even logging documentary footage – Logger lets you design simple templates with standardized categories, keywords, names and pictures of key characters or players. As the action unfolds, you simply click on the words and pictures that describe what's going on to effortlessly produce a detailed log. Flow Ingest provides two powerful solutions for getting video and audio materials into the Flow asset management environment – multi-channel baseband HD/SD-SDI ingest plus flexible file-based ingest.