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OTT and IPTV have taken broadcast by storm

IBC Amsterdam was robust, large, and thronging with business. OTT and IPTV have t aken broadcast by storm, with hordes of solutions and technology on offer. Evidence of a paradigm shift with trucks and dishes almost vanished. So also on the exhibit floor dishes and uplink weren’t intimidating as in the past. Broadcast made easy or broadcast for all was the feel. Nice. Broadcast video production hasn’t been adversely affected. OTT means small screen. Screen shift hasn’t impacted quality either. Emphasis on capture, camera support, studio lighting, accessories like bags and all were strong. Many new solutions for automated zoom, tracking, rigging, expensive and Bollywood is coming round to spending on getting it right.

Rentals need to invest for the new Bollywood bouncing on big fat cheques from Amazon, Netflix and Jio. Production investment is flowing in both cinema, television and web. All of it driven by online view business. Cinema per se was/is a major focus at IBC since years. The show was sold on ‘Content everywhere’ and ‘Big Screen’. Two ends of the push-pull in entertainment.

Sony’s many foux pas

Is the projector dead was a session and the answer, of course, wasn’t on stage, Sony said no, but then Sony said no the SACD wasn’t dead, Blue Ray wasn’t Dead Betamax wasn’t dead, Betacam wasn’t dead, they even said Walkman wasn’t dead, neither was the Trinitron CRT flat TV ever dead for Sony. Sony as such must be trusted to say no when for sure the product is going kaput. Sony isn’t happy Samsung is taking the entire cinema screen market soon enough with LED screens, but then Sony didn’t succeed with the Cinema projection market either! Sony has lost the cinema camera market too! Well, its lost the IPL broadcast too! Sony had this very very large screen with thinner than hair LED, fantastic visual, but it ain’t for cinema. Cinema is in for a major change on the screen front. DCI compliant game or not. Projection and screen will be out and so also finally the theatre as without a projector the ceiling height will not matter and presto cinema screen can go everywhere and finally maybe India has quantum leap in screens and box office and then movies make sense to make and high-end camera market opens up and so also the lenses and camera support and the entire chain for video production. BVP, of course, will remain the best bet to trial all the good tech and gear. This is the point.