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Video becomes a Salvation

Broadcast video producer is your media, evolved in sync with innovation in video tech. This media has been bringing to you video tech from beginning with the VHS and Umatic tech (professionals too thought it was “pneumatic”!). Those who grapple with the latest tech innovation, as it surfs, beat the rush, earn faster, both - the lucre and fame, the game. Catching the wave during periods when break-neck innovation speed gets you high is fun and broadcast video producer is here to have fun.
Six issues
We have six issues annually, keeping focus on video tech - from acquisition to broadcast tech and all the gear in-between, to make great movies. Yes! “Movies”. Films, no such thing as no more, and digital video is the great equalizer. The best high-end digital cameras and editing and VFX, DI, make great cinema which we will trail. Affordable video set-up can make great cinema too! which too we will trail. This issue has BVP’s Raisa Sarkar meeting with three unconventional cinematographers who tell us their special style (on page 58). Theme is high-end and action cameras for this one so we have a round-up on action cameras.
360° shots to drone/aerial and vertical shots – action video is a key to new genre that can kill it for youtubers/video sharing sites as well for movies for mobile shot vertically. Video on mobile is another key. 2019 might see video over 75% of all mobile traffic. Real narrative video movies will account for a small percentage, but mobile video could kill it. Apart from action video, 4K is another trend with most video acquisition going to 4K. Faster and faster production chains will all be 4K. BVP will trial this tech need for you. Hyperlapse and slow motion as well depth of field are trends, with shallow depth and deep depth of field all now within reach to realize imagination in new-tech movie making. Keep in touch with BVP to be in sync. Your scene is our scene, not just movies but marketing, corporate or ‘other’ videos!!
We have Rupin Dang’s wildlife antics on page 24. Rupin is passionate about Arunachal and all jungles where he has shot probably the biggest library of wildlife special shots. Worth noting what he uses. BVP special!
Right stuff
Catch me if you can is our mantra – product focus short lists stuff that works and we promise the right line-up for stuff you will need as you check it out (page 28, 34, 42). I would like to see these products sponsored if Ruchita Chavan, our business manager can convince. Canon latest is probably the right stuff to make a movie, check out page 52. It promises to solve all problems with 100 lenses and if you have a lousy actress, there is auto expression and face imaging and all kinds of innovation to guarantee nothing goes wrong even if the cinematographer absconds! This article isn’t sponsored though. I do believe India is the market for all cameras, high-end, all ends, and best we know it for what it wants to be.
We have reshaped news to suit needs of the video producer. Check out the new team on page 10. Lalita Tengle whose been designing this mag since 2004 now is hopefully going to color the mag red.
BVP’s first appearance at the Mumbai Broadcast India, serves the purpose for video producers to connect with active suppliers of trending gear. Mumbai video studios boast of the gamut of video production from upscale weddings to music videos, corporate, TV content and documentaries. Ramesh and Kavita have brought this show to work for Mumbai and am sure will see some new stuff this year too.