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Newsroom Teleprompters

Broadcast Video Producer takes a look at the best teleprompters widely used in Newsrooms. These teleprompters attach easily to tablets, tripods and cameras, and provide an easy-to-read screen with adjustable font sizes and colors for clear visibility at up to 10 meters.

Datavideo Prompter Kit TP-300

This teleprompter can be used in either a theater setting or a video studio. It comes with simple software so you can set up scripts quickly without much of a learning curve. Prepared scripts or cue sheets can be easily copied and pasted into the DV prompter app software (available for iOS and Android devices) and scrolled at a set automatic rate or controlled by a user with a wired/wireless remote (sold separately) for a more natural result. A number of clear fonts, colors, and text sizes are available making reading comfortable from a variety of distances. With a new mounting system, the TP-300 can be quickly and easily adapted to hold a variety of tablet devices. It is available for use with Android and Apple tablets. The use of special 60/40 Glass allows the presenter to read the script and the camera to see the subject. With the availability of optional hard carrying case, this strong and rigid prompter can be quickly assembled and requires no special tooling which makes it very simple.

Telmax Pro iP Ex iPad Teleprompter (Large)

It is a small and lightweight prosumer prompter with a 12 ft reading range featuring a metal frame for durability and strength while weighing merely 6lb. The unique differences are that instead of an LCD monitor, Pro iP Ex comes with a two-sled cradle for full-sized iPads, beginning with iPad 4. Instead of ZaPrompt software, Pro iP Ex works with any of the various prompter apps affordably available at the Apple app store. It has a mounting system that allows one to attach a tripod underneath the full length of the prompter assembly. As a result, the prompter can be tilted forward or back to match the weight of a camera eliminating the need of any counterweights and the camera can be any size.The mounting system affords an easy fit and simple setup on any tripod that can handle the weight of the prompter and camera. The beamsplitter glass is designed in a trapezoidal shape to allow better viewing of scrolling text from an angle. Setup is simple as the prompter has no monitor cables and sets up virtually without tools. The interchangeable cradle can be swapped out to allow usage of different tablets with the prompter.

PROMPT-IT Maxi Teleprompter

It is a highly compact tablet prompter resembling a laptop and to get set up and running, all one needs to do is lift up the top cover like you would lift up a laptop screen. This top cover is actually the beamsplitter glass with no bulky frames or borders, true to the Maxi’s minimalist design. After you lift it up, just insert your tablet in its place, and then put your camera right behind the glass. The glass provides a 33 ft reading range, and can be adjusted up and down for best visibility and about the size of an A4 sheet of paper. The Maxi and the camera does not need a connection or an attachment – just needs to be placed one behind the other. The Maxi is compatible with full-size iPads (except the iPad Pro), iPad mini, iPhone, iPod Touch, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 2 7”, Wiz Tab, and other tablets and phones of similar size. The Maxi fully supports many different prompting applications but Prompt-It recommends Teleprompt+ by Bombing Brain for its ease of use and features. It requires a tool-less setup which takes not more than a minute.

Elite iPad Teleprompter Kit

It is a complete out-of-the-box solution that turns your iPad into a field ready teleprompter. Based on the popular Elements camera support system, ikan’s Elite iPad Teleprompter Kit is a portable through the glass teleprompter when you need it and a robust 15mm rod based camera support system when you don’t. Compatible with any iPad teleprompter software application and complete with ikan’s EV2 Adjustable Camcorder Baseplate, 12” rods, new and improved high quality 70/30 prompter glass with frame, and an adjustable iPad mount that’s compatible with the iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4. This lightweight and adjustable teleprompter kit is extremely easy to set up and designed for small to mid-sized cameras namely Video & DSLR Models. It has a screen size of 9.7” (iPad not Included). The model is Compatible With Any iPad Teleprompter Software Application (Software and iPad Not Included).

Universal Tablet Teleprompter Kit

This ikan Elite Teleprompter Kit is a 15mm rod-based system with a tablet mount supporting any common-style 7.5 to 10.5” tablets. The teleprompter features a 30/70 beamsplitter that reflects the scrolling text from the tablet back at the onscreen talent, while allowing for a direct-to-camera, direct eyeline effect. The teleprompter can be disassembled and the hood assembly collapsed for compact storage and transport, making this system suitable for both in-studio and field use. The camera baseplate includes a riser that allows the teleprompter to adapt to a variety of cameras from DSLRs to larger form models. Being that this is a rod-based system, this prompter is also expandable with longer rods (sold separately) to support ENG cameras. Furthermore, the hood and glass can be removed to allow you to attach 15mm rod accessories. The model is compatible With Any Tablet Teleprompter Software Application (Software and Tablet Not Included)

ProPrompter HDi Pro2 Teleprompter

It comes with Universal Mount for iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, Smartphones and Most Android Tablets includes a universal mount that allows you to attach iPads, iPad Air and Air 2 models, iPad mini, all versions of iPhone, non-Apple smartphones, and most non-Apple tablets for use as a teleprompting device. The unit come preassembled for fast set up and breakdown. This complete kit includes mounting hardware for two very different types of cameras, so the HDi Pro2 stands as a solution for both compact/handheld camcorders and shoulder-mounted ENG models. For larger ENG models, the kit includes a mounting bracket with holes for standard 15mm rods. For medium and smaller camcorders, there’s a camera bar that attaches to the 1/4”-20 thread at the camera bottom, and this piece features a removable pistol grip for holding the entire rig. For all camera types, carbon rods enable vertical adjustment of the prompter in relation to the camera lens. Either configuration requires minimal setup and breakdown time. At the heart of the system is the aluminum-infused studio-quality 60/40 glass. This is the optimal ratio for readability even in bright sunlight. The glass is enclosed in a 16:9 widescreen ABS plastic hood/mirror box. Exclusive anti-reflection mask blocks peripheral light from interfering with both the lens and the iPad. Ships pre-assembled to mount in seconds, with custom military-grade