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Media assets, or ‘digital assets’ are often in need of smart organization, sorting, editing, sharing and managing. A Media Asset Management (MAM) system, also known as a ‘Digital Asset Management’ (DAM) system, is software designed to help you do this. There are many reasons why you might look for software to manage your media assets.We, Broadcast Video Producer, will just help you make better choices....

Alienbrain Studio by Avid

Alienbrain is a digital asset management system for artists in the entertainment industry. It combines everything studios need to securely store, version, manage and share any kind of file, with an intuitive user interface that lets artists work visually. Secure, scalable, and reliable, Alienbrain saves you time and takes the guesswork out of even the most demanding productions. It stores files securely.Alienbrain makes all project files available from a secure central server where users can browse them, preview them, retrieve them for viewing, or lock them for editing using special client applications. The result: everyone knows where important files are, and who is working on them. Files are never accidentally deleted or overwritten, and everything can be managed from a single, central location. Alienbrain keeps a version history of all of your project’s assets so artists can be sure that they’re always working on the correct version. You can track modifications, and, if necessary, “roll back” to any previous version, at any time, for any reason. All versions are stored in a central location, which frees up disk space on workstations and makes archiving a snap Alienbrain is ideal for collaborative workflow. From the robust check-in/checkout system that tells you when files are in use, and who’s using them, to the built-in markup layers and messaging system that allow managers to assign tasks, review content, and approve changes (or not). Because every project is different, Alienbrain includes a complete set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow Technical Directors to programmatically access content and metadata, efficiently automate common tasks, and customize Alienbrain tools, views, and behaviors to suit the particular needs of a project. Add integrations with leading art tools, and you can see how Alienbrain integrates easily into next-generation game and film pipelines.

Streamline by Ross Video

Streamline is a media asset management and workflow solutions for media environments that act as a central hub for your productions, providing a complete system for indexing and cataloging your vast collection of graphics, video, and other assets. It ingests and catalogs your graphics, stills, and video content with a rich set of metadata fields and tags. It requests and prioritizes graphics and art creation through a centralized work order management system.It also helps you to preview your video and graphics with automatic proxy and thumbnail creation functionality. Streamline offers time and money saving workflow tools to make you more efficient and leverage your existing content in new productions while promoting clearly defined processes for work order requests and management.

Third Light IMS

Third Light IMS is a fast, feature-rich, media asset management tool. It helps to organize, tag, find, share, edit and download all of your digital files quickly, easily and securely. Online chat and share support centralized, collaborative working with internal teams and external partners. Convert formats, trace copyright, protect and distribute files. Cloud-based or licensed solutions with free, seamless updates and API available. Great price, offers unlimited users and supports industry standards. The businesses that use Third Light software for their Media Asset Management are diverse. their three software packages – Standard, Premium, and Enterprise – are enjoyed by thousands of users around the world; from small businesses, universities and museums, to blue-chip corporations and multinational brands.


ORPHEA is a full-web, secure and integrated platform which helps clients organize, protect and share their media assets, such as pictures, audio files, video, documents, etc. ORPHEA is an easy-to-use, highly configurable and efficient solution that enables companies to manage one of their most valuable assets, Digital Content. With an architecture designed to be easily integrated with 3rd party applications (ERP, CMS, PIM, etc), ORPHEA is the leading choice of greatest corporations in Europe.


Phraseanet is an Open Source Digital Asset Management software. From a standard web browser, you can archive, view, organize, share, publish, online, an unlimited number of pictures and other media files (videos, audio, PDF documents). Phraseanet main features include uploading documents (transfer documents from a standard web browser: select files, a destination collection, reorder documents, send to the server. The quarantine isolates duplicates, new versions of an existing file or non-compliant files), managing documents (it relies on the Elastic search engine and provides a link to full text, thesaurus searches, and categorize and filter results with facets), publish and administration. Phraseanet may be downloaded for free. Alchemy provides companies with a range of services for Phraseanet: setup, training, hosting, support.


WMediaHaven Pro is the SaaS media asset management platform for any organization that wants to professionally manage and distribute its audio-visual material for marketing, training, and external and internal communication. The user interface is designed to support novice as well as expert users in managing their media content. MediaHaven Pro is developed by Zeticon as a state of the art highly versatile multimedia asset management solution.