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The relentless hunt for the best and most affordable color grading monitors comes to an end because Broadcast Video Producer takes a look at the best monitors offering high-end professional results among the thousands flooding the market!

The ColorEdge CG318-4K

This 31.1" Widescreen LED Backlit IPS Monitor from EIZO is a monitor with very high clarity owing to its enhanced pixel density and features a resolution of 4096 x 2160. This wide-gamut monitor reproduces almost the entire DCI-P3 standard used in digital cinema. It also covers 100% of the Rec. 709, EBU, and SMPTE-C standards, and 99% of Adobe RGB. The built-in color sensor ensures the monitor maintains your settings by adjusting various aspects of the display at pre-determined intervals. The EIZO CG318-4K comes equipped with DisplayPort, and HDMI inputs, making it easy to plug this monitor into a variety of computer configurations. The IPS display comes with a max resolution of 4096 x 2160, a 1,500:1 contrast ratio, a 9 ms response time, a brightness rating of 350 cd/m² and support for up to 1.07 billion colors. With a single cable, the DCI 4K resolution at 60 Hz is supported by both DisplayPort 1.2 inputs and at 30 Hz by both HDMI inputs.
Fluctuations in brightness and chromaticity on different parts of the screen are a common trait of LCD monitors. To counteract this, EIZO's patented digital uniformity equalizer (DUE) technology ensures a Delta-E difference of 3 or less across the screen when the monitor leaves the factory. DUE also counterbalances the influences that a fluctuating ambient temperature may have on color temperature and brightness to ensure stable image display.
A 3D LUT is included which adjusts colors individually on an RGB cubic table. With the emulation function of ColorNavigator 6 and ColorNavigator NX, the 3D LUT applies a film look to the image so creators can check how it will be seen by their audience.
A typical monitor takes 30 minutes or more for its brightness, chromaticity, and tone characteristics to stabilize. EIZO has shortened the warm-up time to a mere three minutes. Whether you are working in a studio or taking the monitor with you on location, you get reliable color display soon after turning the monitor on.

LG Digital Cinema 31MU97-B

This Digital Cinema 31MU97-B 31" Widescreen LED Backlit IPS 4K Monitor from LG features a 4096 x 2160 resolution complete with a 17:9 aspect ratio, a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 320 cd/m² brightness rating, and can be viewed from 178° both horizontally and vertically. The enhanced resolution display can even be pivoted from widescreen to portrait mode to accommodate various types of content.It comes with a native 4K resolution and two HDMI, one Mini DisplayPort, one DisplayPort, and four USB 3.0 ports that connect this display to both Mac and Windows based computers. The integrated USB 3.0 ports connect peripherals such as hard drives, tablets, and more directly to the monitor. Integrated speakers with support for MAXXAUDIO complete the 4K cinema experience, providing high-quality sound covering highs and lows for crisp audio quality.
It is predominantly designed for professionals who work in post-production, which includes CG (Computer Graphics), VFX (Visual Effects), or DI (Digital Intermediate) work for the film, TV, and video industries, as well as the visual industry.
Be it video editing, photography or graphic design programs, this monitor serves all the purpose with equal dedication. Professionals who work outdoors on large scale projects and utilize natural light for documentaries and snapshots benefit from the Adobe 99.5% / DCI-P3 97% color gamut ensuring colors remain accurate. Editing on-site footage with the full-color expression is possible with the 31MU97's DCI color standard support which reproduces the intended digital content color similar to the preview camera on site. This increases the accuracy of conditions such as shadow detail, color, saturation, and brightness for finer editing and overall control in the post production stage. Moreover, distortion is minimized even on edges and corners owing to its IPS Display.
The 31MU97 supports SST (Single Stream Transport) technology that delivers Digital Cinema 4K resolution from a single source, creating a smooth viewing experience while previewing film contents without any image sync issues or image tearing that other 4K monitor may have with limited MST (Multi-Stream Transport) or Tiled technology.

NEC PA322UHD-BK-SV 31.5" 16:9 UHD IPS Monitor with SpectraViewII

The PA322UHD-BK-SV 31.5" 16:9 UHD IPS Monitor with SpectraViewIIfrom NEC is invariably the first choice when color accuracy is a priority as this model has 99.2% coverage of the Adobe RGB color space and a 14-bit 3D internal programmable lookup table. The monitor offers 3840 x 2160 resolution, 350 cd/m² brightness rating, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, and a 10 ms response time. This NEC color accurate monitor also comes equipped with a variety of connectors including DisplayPort, DisplayPort OPS, HDMI, and DVI-D inputs making it easy to plug into a variety of computer configurations. It also comes with an integrated USB hub that connects USB compatible peripherals directly to the display. Integrated OPS slot supports the SB-01HC and SB-04HC option cards to give the display 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI input capabilities. The OPS slot supports the SB-01HC and SB-04HC option cards to give the display 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI input capabilities.
The 14-bit 3D internal programmable lookup tables (LUTs) helps in improved calibration. Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture modes display two or four sources simultaneously which increases the ease of operability and productivity. A variety of Monitor controls: MultiProfiler allows you to control the brightness, black level and color gamut directly from the software in addition to many other settings. Changes to settings are made instantly to the monitor. Multiple picture modes is easily configured using MultiProfiler. For color matching an existing printer or display, one can choose from a number of built-in sRGB, Adobe RGB, DCI, DICOM, REC-BT709 and High Brightness modes, or load an ICC prole. MultiProfiler also helps to create a completely custom Picture Mode configuration, including controlling the gamma characteristics, color gamut, and white point. It automatically generates and updates ICC proles as the color modes are selected or adjusted, reducing the need for a profiling package to prole the monitor

Dell UP2715K 27" UltraSharp 27 Ultra HD 5K LED-Backlit IPS Monitor

The UP2715K from Dell is a 27" Monitor which features an Ultra HD 5K resolution that offers seven times the resolution when compared to other 1080p monitors. The high resolution of 5120 x 2880 resolution is supported by the two Display Ports. When the monitor is connected to one DisplayPort, the maximum resolution it can support is 3840 x 2160. In addition, this monitor is equipped with a mini-DisplayPort that can support up to 4K resolutions. The 5K resolution results in very sharp and detailed display when viewing 5K media and offers extra on-screen workspace. This extra space allows viewing of more cells while working in spreadsheets, viewing two web pages side-by-side, and more which increases productivity.
The monitor is built with an IPS panel that offers better color reproduction of the 1.074 billion colors as well as wider viewing angles when compared to TN panels. With 178° wide viewing angles that eliminate color shifts, IPS monitors allow you to see the same clear images from the far left or right, as you would see from the center. This model also features 8,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 8 ms response time, 218 ppi, and a 350 cd/m² brightness rating. Furthermore, this IPS monitor has been factory tuned for 99% Adobe RGB that accurately reproduces colors for reds, blues, and more.
It delivers PremierColor technologies to provide accurate colors and true-to-life picture quality when viewing photos and videos. To maintain its color accuracy, this monitor comes with a 12-bit user-accessible 3D look-up table and software for adjusting the color settings when used with an optional colorimeter. Optical bonding and an anti-reflective 3H coating have been applied to the monitor for eliminating the reflection from the LCD panel and protective glass layer that helps improve clarity, vividness, and contrast.
The monitor has an edge-to-edge glass design with an anti-smudge coating for easily cleaning away fingerprints. To complete the visual multimedia experience, this display is equipped with two down-firing 16-watt Harman Kardon speakers for an ultimate movie-watching experience.
It connects seamlessly with Mac and Windows PCs, along with a wide range of digital peripherals. One high-current USB 3.0 port found on the back of the monitor supplies twice the power for charging and powering BC1.2 compatible USB devices. Along ith it, there’s one upstream USB 3.0 port and five downstream USB 3.0 ports, two DisplayPorts (for 5K support), a mini-DisplayPort (for 4K support), and a media card reader.