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Hottest Tripod in Market

Tripod forms the heart of the support accessories of a camera. They are almost as important as camera lenses as it has the ability to influence the perspective of the entire shoot of the scene. The versatility of tripods is incredible if rightly put in use. Understanding the importance of the tripod for cinematographers, Broadcast Video Producer has enlisted 10 leading tripods in its product focus list for this issue.

TVC-33 Versa Series 3

The TVC-33 from Really Right Stuff is a mid-weight series 3 carbon fibre tripod designed for use in both the field and studio.

Constructed from Really Right Stuff’s patented carbon fibre weave, the TVC-33 weighs in at 4.3 lb and can safely support up to 50 lb. Its 3-section leg design allows the tripod to extend to a maximum height of 58.6” and lower down to a minimum working height of just 4.1”. Quick set-up and break-down is facilitated by easy-to-use twist locks, which require just a quarter rotations to unlock and re-lock each leg section. This design also helps to maintain the tripod’s slim folded silhouette. Additionally, when travelling with or storing the tripod, the entire support can fold down to just 25.6” in length, small enough to travel or hike with.

Each leg is attached to the tripod’s collar via an offset leg joint that helps to evenly distribute heavy loads and maintain the tripod’s rigidity. The joints and collar itself are constructed of lightweight anodized aluminium which, aside from lending inherent strength to the tripod, also provides it with natural wear and corrosion resistance. Each one of the three leg joints also features a racketing angle stop that automatically locks into place as the legs are folded downward into “standard” position. The TVC-33’s feet are a unique teardrop shape that prevents the leg sections from touching the ground at even the lowest height settings and the most unusual angles. Their rubber exterior provides a non-slip grip on nearly any surface and can be used both indoors and outdoors without concern.

SLIK Pro 700 DX Tripod

The SLIK Pro 700 DX Tripod supports up to 19.8 lb, measures 29.9” when folded, and includes a quick release plate. Each of its 3-section legs features an independent spread, a 3-position angle lock, and flip locks for fast deployment. The included push-and-pull, rapid centre column is multi-sectional, which allows it to be converted to a shortened centre column. This feature permits a minimum height of 25.4” or 16.1” when the centre column is shortened. The SLIK Pro 700 DX Tripod provides a maximum height of 60.0”, 65.8” with its centre column shortened as well as fully raised, and 75.0” with the complete column fully raised.

Cameras, sport optics, or camcorders that are compatible with a 1/4”-20 mount can be connected to the quick release plate, which is secured to the tripod’s pan-and-tilt head using a quick release cam lock. The head can be rotated 360°, and tilted 90° backwards or forwards, as well as sideways for portrait orientation. Each of these three movements function independently of each other and can be locked into place.

For added versatility, the centre column is reversible, facilitating low-angle photography where an attached camera is positioned among the tripod’s legs instead of above them. Foam covers on each of the legs provide a secure and comfortable grip while moving the tripod, and rubber feet help to enhance stability on a wide variety of surfaces.

Gitzo GT2532 Series 2 Carbon Fibre Tripod

The GT2532 Mountaineer Series 2 Carbon Fibre Tripod from Gitzo features Carbon eXact tubing, which includes High Modulus carbon fibre in the lower leg sections, adding to their diameters and making the tripod more rigid and stronger than its predecessor. The GT2532 has a load capacity of 39.7 lb, extends to a maximum height of 65.4”, and folds down to 25.6” for transport.

The centre column on the tripod can be removed for Ground Level Set, which enables the tripod to reach its lowest height of 6.3”. Its three-section legs are secured with twist locks that incorporate G-lock Ultra, which has an internal O-ring to prevent dust and particles from entering the leg system. The top spider has been redesigned to add rigidity and large leg angle selectors give you more area to grip when readjusting leg angles. A ballast hook on the center column allows you to add weight to increase the tripod’s stability.

3 Legged Thing Equinox Winston carbon fibre tripod

The Equinox Winston Carbon Fibre Tripod with AirHed 360 Ball Head from 3 Legged Thing has three leg sections that can extend to a maximum height of 76.9” and also go as low as 10.6”. At the 23° angle leg spread, which is considered a normal stance, the tripod can support a maximum of 88.2 lb. (The legs have two additional wider stances, and these will support less weight.) The twist locks’ Para-lock feature works by restricting the opening movement of the friction lock, preventing you from accidentally unscrewing the lock until the leg section detaches.

Fold the legs 180° in reverse to make the tripod more compact for travel and storage. The ball head offers separate ball and pan locks, as well as a lock for the plate. An Arca-type compatible quick release plate with a 1/4”-20 camera screw is included with the head.

All 3 Legged Thing tripods have a detachable leg with standard 3/8”-16 threads at both ends. The Tri-mount plate and threaded bolt can be unscrewed and removed from the top of the centre column, then screwed directly onto the leg. The detachable leg can be used as a monopod, microphone boom, or selfie stick.

3-Position Leg-Angle Stops : The legs spread to three angles of 23°, 55°, and 80°

Para-Lock Leg Locking System : Para-locks work by restricting the opening movement of the friction lock, preventing you from accidentally unscrewing the lock until the leg section detaches.

Reversible Folding Legs : Fold legs 180° in reverse for compactness and storage.

Arca-Type Ball Head : Ball head offers separate ball and pan locks and includes Arca-type compatible quick-release plate.

Induro CLT203 Classic Series 2 Stealth Carbon Fiber Tripod

Sturdy and reliable, this CLT203 Classic Series 2 Stealth Carbon Fiber Tripod from Induro is designed to work in a wide range of situations and environments. It has a load capacity of 35.3 lb for holding your gear safely along with carbon fibre legs and a magnesium alloy spider for portability and strength while keeping weight down to 3.5 lb. The legs also feature 3 sections with twist locks for quickly setting up or adjusting anywhere from the minimum height of 14.8” up to the max of 52.8”. For even more uses, the tripod has a short centre column which is easily adjusted with the oversized lock for a maximum height of 63.0”. Additionally, it comes with a carrying case.

FEISOL CT-3472 Elite Rapid Carbon Fibre Tripod

The CT-3472 Elite Rapid Tripod from Feisol is a camera support with a high load capacity of 66 lb and a maximum height of 58.3”. It has a CNC-milled mounting platform that can accept an optional tripod head, and its legs have preset angles of 25, 50, and 75 degrees, and they feature an improved Rapid anti-leg-rotation technology. Its minimum working height of 3.15” is ideal for macro work, and its maximum height of 58.3” can be substantially increased with the addition of an optional center column to 73.3”. A carrying case is included to protect the tripod when not in use.

Newly added Mark 2 features include Integrated Bubble Level.x, Additional weight savings, Skeletonised Main Frame for extra sleek Look, and Re-designed angle-locking system. Additional Features of the CT-3472LV M2 Rapid include Constructed of top quality carbon-fibre and high grade, CNC-milled 6061 T6 solid block aluminum; FEISOL’s new Rapid anti-leg-rotation technology; revolutionary levelling centre Column; interchangeable standard base plate for further weight reduction; and a load capacity of 30 kg (66 lb) amongst others.

The CT-3472LV M2 Rapid is not only incredibly light and stabile, but also allows for lightning-quick angle adjustment. When no centre column is needed, it can be replaced with a standard mount base, effecting even greater weight reduction.

The CT-3472LV M2 Rapid is another ground-breaking FEISOL innovation. It’s versatility and lightweight strength clearly puts it in a league of its own. Quality you have to experience for yourself.

Oben CC-2381 Carbon Fibre Tripod

The CC-2381 3-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs from Oben is a sturdy, professional support for cameras and camcorders. With a load capacity of 26.4 lb and a maximum height of 66.2”, the tripod offers a number of advanced features that ensure its stability and reliable performance.

The tripod’s flip locks, which enable the extension and securing of the leg stages, are user-adjustable. By using a supplied hex key, the user can tighten two points on each spring-loaded flip lock to safeguard their continued reliable performance.

With its 6x carbon fiber legs and center column, the CC-2381 weighs just 3.45 lb and is solid enough to survive the rigors of professional work. The tripod chassis is cast aluminum for further strength.

The CC-2381’s rapid center column extends with a twist of the butterfly knob. For protecting your camera when the column is retracted quickly, there’s a rubber damper under the center-post collar. Steel locking screws underneath the collar enable you to fasten a camera head more securely.

Pull-in/push-out positive leg locks allow you to set the positions of the three legs independently at three different angles. This allows you to shoot from low angles or on uneven terrain. For stability on softer terrain, the CC-2381 features metal spikes that retract and emerge by twisting the foot’s rubber portion.

For extreme low-angle shooting, the center column can be split into two sections with the provided hex key. The shorter column leaves no protruding parts under the tripod collar, allowing you to extend the legs out to their maximum angle. For a faster method, the center column is also easily reversible. These features are especially ideal for macro and close-up photography. The retractable metal counterweight hook serves as a stopper at the bottom of the center column.

• The two included hex keys attach to a tripod leg, so you’re always ready to tighten components
• Reversible 1/4”-20 & 3/8”-16 screw fits almost any head
• Bubble level on tripod chassis
• Center column is grooved to prevent its rotation
• Split center column for low angle set-up
• Spring-loaded metal counterweight hook at the bottom of the center column
• Integrated aluminum loop for attaching an optional shoulder strap
• Rugged rubber tips with retractable spikes for shooting both indoors and outdoors on any terrain.
• Included padded carry bag features dual heavy-duty zippers, an interior pocket, and extra room to accommodate a head

Oben AC-1361 Tripod

The AC-1361 3-Section Aluminium Tripod with BA-117 Ball Head from Oben is a lightweight (4.4 lb) tripod that provides reliable support for any camera and lens up to 17.6 lb. The tripod’s 3-section aluminium legs and centre column extend to a maximum height of 67.5”, and when folded, the entire system is a compact 27.3”. Flip locks on each leg enable extremely fast deployment and retraction of leg stages. Three leg angles are possible, and pull-tab locks secure the legs in their notches. The legs’ angles are independently adjustable to accommodate shooting on uneven terrain. At the widest leg angle, the tripod sits extremely close to the ground to facilitate low-angle shooting. The tripod’s feet feature rubber tips which are great for shooting on slippery or hard surfaces. The tripod’s rapid centre column extends with a twist of the wingnut locking knob. For protection when it’s retracted quickly, there’s a rubber damper that protects the centre-post collar. The BA-117 has a single-action knob that allows you to unlock all axes of movement in one fell swoop, so you can quickly orient your camera properly, retighten the knob, and return to shooting. The ball-locking mechanism is remarkably strong for reliably stable performance.

Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 Aluminium Fibre Tripod

The Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 Aluminium Tripod is a three-section support that replaces the 055XPROB tripod. It has a load capacity of 19.8 lb and extends from 3.5” to 66.9”. Its legs are secured by the Quick Power Locks. These updated flip locks increase the tripod’s rigidity by 50%, and its load capacity by 4.4 lb over its predecessor.

A redesigned centre column has a “one finger” operation, and includes an Easy Link attachment for attaching accessories such as an LED light or a reflector. The centre column can be positioned horizontally, allowing for low-angle and macro photography. The upper disc where a tripod head is mounted has been redesigned as well, and now has a bull’s eye bubble level that rotates 360° so you can locate it where you can see it. This allows you to level your camera on both the horizontal and vertical