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Trending Broadcast Graphics solutions

Choosing the right system to create graphics is vital because if these tools fail to support your creativity and your workflow then it is bound to make a negative impact on the appearance of your final graphics. Understanding the impact of the graphic software and tools on the final output, the Broadcast Video Producer has made an attempt to filter and present a few noteworthy solutions that can simplify your quotidian tasks.

Viz Engine

Viz Engine is one of today’s most powerful real-time graphics rendering engines and video servers. It renders animated 3D scenes in real-time, producing high-end animations in HD, 4K and beyond. Viz Engine functions as a standalone video server as well as the graphics and video compositing platform for Vizrt products such as Viz Trio, Viz Pilot, Viz Weather, Viz Virtual Studio.

Its key features include Real time render engine, Key & fill outputs, Timeline-based audio, 2D & 3D graphics, IP Streaming, Powerful plug-in API, Live video input & output, Video server, Full scene anti-aliasing, Supports SD, HD & 4k, Dolby E decoding and Internal keyer.

Advantages of Viz Engine includes: • Real-time compositing of video and graphics with a wide-range of simultaneous output formats.
• Supporting all of today’s major IP standards.
• One can use the same system for end-to-end J2K and SMPTE 2022 production.
• Branded video content on all playout platforms.

Viz Weather

Viz Weather is a complete 3D real-time weather system. It features a broad range of advanced visualisation possibilities in HD and 4K. Viz Weather integrates with any weather data provider and can trigger graphics and animations automatically.

Its key features include Advanced 3D visualisation, HD & 4K graphics, Integrated with Viz World, Weather alerts, Standalone configuration, Real-time preview, Interactive graphics, Manual or automated playback, Real-time data insertion, Weather ticker integration, Template-based solution, and Hurricane tracking display amongst others.

Advantages of Viz Weather include: • 3D Real-time template-based weather editing and playout system.
• Data-agnostic supporting all of today’s major weather data formats.
• Seamless integration with newsroom and automation systems.
• Support for automated generation of clips for mobile and web production workflows.


Pixel Power Clarity supports you to operate smartly without having to compromise on visual appearance. Clarity products are ideal for live graphics applications in the studio, mobile OB trucks and other venues. With full real-time preview during creation, the Clarity family offers the ultimate solution for graphics preparation and playout.

The benefits of the clarity products include: • A highly intuitive and powerful graphics template creation interface
• Complete graphics creation & playout system with standard & sophisticated features in one device
• Frame accurate graphics for any live or automated production
• Integrated Character Generator, still store, 2D & 3D DVE and 3D timeline tools
• Powerful audio suite: synchronize & trigger playout of graphics and multi track audio elements; duck, mute & mix for VOs; Dolby processing embedded and AES I/O
• Configurable as one channel with preview or two independent channels
• Back to back 3D graphics facility within single timeline
• Suited to News, Sports, Studio, Mobile, Stadium and Religious applications

Pixel Power ActiveX Newsroom

Newsroom is one such place where there is a critical requirement of graphics and the timelines are really very tight. Pixel Power Newsroom solutions restore order to graphics production for the newsroom. Its embed graphics capability throughout the environment to optimise production and playout workflows

The Pixel Power Active-X plug-in is a lightweight frontend to the graphics database hosted on the Pixel Power Control Centre server and is compatible with the leading newsroom automation systems. The ActiveX plug-in provides tight, visual integration of the graphics content of a newscast within the newsrooms desktop working environment.

The Pixel Power ActiveX plug-in allows newsroom staff to search for and fill out predefined Clarity templates. When a template is selected a small form is presented allowing the user to fill in the fields. As each field is entered the plug-in presents an updated thumbnail preview. Clicking on the thumbnail displays a full resolution preview of the completed graphic. Dragging the preview to the story places the completed template into the story.

The plug-in also provides tools for quickly searching through the library of graphics available for air. Both text and thumbnail views of the still library are presented. Beyond the thumbnail perview the user can also view a full resolution preview at their desk. This allows the user to be certain that they have selected the correct still, even with very detailed imagery. A new still request function within the plug-in provides a simple, uniform method of requesting new stills from the Art Department. At the point of request, each still is reserved an ID number which allows the producer to complete the graphics cues in the story even before the new images are created.


Prep software provides a complete, offline solution to create, animate and preview graphics and templates for any Pixel Power graphics playout system. It is the cost-effective solution to optimise the use of your valuable graphics hardware resources.

Prep mirrors the creation interface and functionality of our real-time systems enabling staff to create complex graphics pages and sequences which can then be passed into production, QC and playout. It is available in standard, Clips and 3D variants to suit any graphics creation requirement. It offers:

• A budget-conscious solution for adding creative capability
• Access to the standand feature set for creation of templates including audio, DVE, scripted intelligent templates
• A portable template creation solution

Viz Virtual Studio

Viz Virtual Studio provides unlimited possibilities to the producers to narrate stories effortlessly in any size studio. It allows a single operator to handle complex productions that would normally require a team of operators. This allows staff to concentrate on other tasks thus improving overall efficiency.

Viz Virtual Studio features 3D virtual sets, Custom templates, Intuitive interface, Supports HD & UHD, Built in chroma keyers, Talent reflection, Extensive plug-in effects, Newsroom integration, Defocus effects, Recording of tracking data, Color correction on inputs, Optional Viewpoint library, Easily expandable, Lens calibration tools, Third-party graphics control, and Co-cyc and holdout matte amongst others.

The scenes for a set are created in Viz Artist, where the graphic designers build, animate, and compose their virtual environment. With Viz Artist, even the smallest stage area can be turned into an impressive studio. Viz Virtual Studio includes the Tracking Hub component. Tracking Hub converts the tracking data coming from any mechanical or image-based tracking system—or a combination of the two—and converts it to camera data that can be used by Viz Engine.

Advantages of Viz Virtual Studio include: • Easy setup of studios and outdoor or event productions.
• Freely definable tracking data protocols.
• Used for virtual sets and immersive graphics.
• Supports all major camera-tracking solutions and other studio peripherals, offering a cutting-edge solution for the creation of virtual sets.

Compix CynerG2

Compix CynerG2 is the premium broadcast quality solution for the real time graphics needs. CynerG2 systems offer upgrade options that make them perfect for any environment working in HD, SD-SDI, or analog video, all with stunning output quality. The CynerG2 lineup provides the producers with the easy-to-use broadcast quality graphics you need today with an elegant upgrade path for your future CG needs.

Dual channel CynerG2 systems are all about giving you the power of two systems in one chassis for 40% less than the cost of two separate systems. Use the power of both channels to create multiple overlays with our built-in downstream keyers and add to the visual interest of your graphics output with over 260 built-in page-to-page transitions including fade, credit rolls, and crawls. Two completely different streams with separate look and feel can run from each channel. Apply lower thirds and full screens on the first channel and, with the included NewsScroll application, add ticker crawls, a logo, time, and temperature on the second channel.

CynerG2 is available in 3 configuration: • CynerG2 HD

Dual channel HD-SDI/SD-SDI broadcast graphics system. SMPTE 292M/259M compliant I/O. 1080i and 720p HD with two full featured CG channels. Can be used with or without a video switcher.

• CynerG2 SD-SDI

Dual channel SD-SDI and analog broadcast graphics system. SMPTE 259M and 170M compliant I/O. Can be used with or without a video switcher. Not upgradeable to HD.

• CynerG2 Analog

Dual channel analog broadcast graphics system upgradeable to CynerG2 SD-SDI via firmware. Contains the same hardware as the CynerG2 SD-SDI system. Not upgradeable to HD.


ConverG1 is a single channel HD/SD standalone broadcast graphics system for any type of application. All ConverG1 configurations feature standard rolls, crawls, transition effects, and a user definable clock and timer. The system comes with bundled backgrounds, shapes, templates, and many pre-loaded True Type fonts to make design work a snap. One can setup an entire playlist offline and take those graphics immediately to air while editing the next on-air series in VGA preview.

The ConverG1 lineup provides the producers with the graphics that they need today and an elegant upgrade path for their future. ConverG1 includes GenCG, the graphics creation, layout, and playback software. It also includes bundled backgrounds, elements, and templates. Compix ConverG1 system upgrade options make a perfect fit for any 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio environment working in HD, SD-SDI, or analog video, all with full broadcast quality output.

ConverG1 is available in 3 configuration: • ConverG1 HD

Single channel HD-SDI/SD-SDI broadcast graphics system. SMPTE 292M/259M compliant I/O. 1080i and 720p HD with a full featured CG channel. Can be used with or without a video switcher.

• ConverG1 SD-SDI

Single channel SD-SDI and Analog broadcast graphics system. SMPTE 259M compliant I/O. Can be used with or without a video switcher. Not upgradeable to HD.

• ConverG1 Analog

Single channel analog broadcast graphics system upgradeable to ConverG1 SD-SDI via firmware. Contains the same hardware as the ConverG1 SD-SDI system. Not upgradeable to HD.

Viz Pilot

IViz Pilot is a template based system for journalists to create, manage, and deliver high volumes of top-quality content. Plan your news, sports, or election productions with state of the art graphics, animations, videos and images; all from an easy to use newsroom interface with live preview for the journalist and a workflow allowing for last minute changes up until air time.

Viz Pilot’s newsroom component integrates with all major newsroom systems: Dalet, ENPS, iNews, Octopus, OpenMedia, etc. It supports real-time preview and snapshots, giving the journalist full control of how a prepared news rundown will look. Video content is searched by keywords and the journalist edits the video and adds graphics to the video on a timeline. With Viz Pilot journalists are able to have multiple Transition Logic graphics on several timeline tracks, creating an overlap of the graphics. This gives a more sophisticated graphics presentation when the content is played to air from Viz Engine.

Key features of Viz Pilot includes Real-time 3D graphics, Preview while editing, MOS integration, Automation system control, Concepts and variants, Video server integration, Multiple channel control, Transition Logic, Integration with Non-Linear Editors (NLE), Interactivity, Supports HD & 4K, Template-based graphics, Customizable workflow, and Scripting (VBScript) amongst others.