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Apple at the Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit on Friday debuted Final Cut Pro 10.4, a hotly anticipated update to the flagship professional video editing suite that includes support for VR, HDR footage, direct integration for iOS video and more.

Video professionals attending the event were invited to go hands-on with the new software at Apple’s 1 Infinite Loop campus, some of whom posted what they saw online.

Providing a fairly in depth synopsis was FCPX plugin developer Alex Gollner, who chronicled the update’s highlights on Twitter. Of note, while Apple is not releasing a new version of FCPX, the 10.4 update is bristling with new features that the company showed off using unreleased iMac Pro workstations.

First on the list is support for true virtual reality video. Final Cut Pro’s timeline has been updated to support VR footage, including clip orientation, with compatibility for two different head-mounted display feeds. VR integration extends to Motion 5, Apple’s motion graphics and special effects software.

As expected, version 10.4 will support all the tools offered in noted plugin maker Tim Dashwood’s 360VR toolbox. Dashwood was hired by Apple in April.

Additionally, the editing package receives support for HDR Rec. 2020 alongside a new slate of color controls including a color picker and color wheels.

Users who own the latest iPhones, like iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, will be able to open 4K HEVC footage in FCPX timelines. HEVC, also known as H.265, is a video compression protocol that promises to halve file sizes while maintaining superior image quality. Apple adopted the codec in iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Apple has not announced a firm release date, but says the next version of FCPX will be available sometime this year. More information about the software is expected to come from Apple itself in the near future.

Final Cut Pro was last updated in May when version 10.3.4 saw release. The professional editing suite is available for purchase from the App Store for $299.99.

Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, developed the T2 Series 3 SD/HD audio/video playout center with versatility, reliability and efficiency in mind, three factors broadcasters depend on when creating content in demanding live event and mobile production environments. For ease of use in these environments, T2 Series 3 features an intuitive 7-inch LCD touch panel on its front panel, as well as 1-channel input and 2-channel output that can be used simultaneously for recording and playback.

To meet the fast-paced requirements of live production, each T2 Series 3 model—T2 Express 3, T2 Pro 3 and T2 Elite 3—is engineered to Grass Valley’s robust broadcast standards and features more powerful CPU and greater memory capacity to improve stability and reliability. Depending on content format, T2 can accept files via one of its six USB 3.0 ports (two at front and four at rear) or by data transfer over a standard Gigabit Ethernet network. Broadcasters can even edit a clip recorded on T2 Series 3 instantaneously using EDIUS editing software.

“When it comes to live production, broadcasters can’t afford to waste time fumbling with counterintuitive, bulky systems that ultimately don’t deliver high-quality content quickly and efficiently,” said Pete Semerak, vice president, news, Grass Valley. “T2 Series 3 is flexible, providing one SD/HD platform for ingest, replay, transmission, editing and content management, while also offering a user-friendly experience, combining VTR-like controls with touchscreen and workstation operation.”

In addition to easy-to-use controls, T2 Series 3’s clear LCD front panel displays high-quality images which can be managed and selected, edited and trimmed, delivered and curated through an integrated software application suite.

Avid announced that ITV Studios Daytime has chosen Avid Maestro next-generation graphics solutions to dramatically enhance its flagship live programming beginning April 2018. Part of ITV, one of the UK’s most popular commercial broadcasters, ITV Studios Daytime creates over 1,500 hours of award-winning live broadcasts every year. The broadcaster’s main hub on the Thames will undergo the largest redevelopment in its history and, for the next five years, core operations will move to temporary facilities at the newly re-opened Television Centre in West London. Updating ITV’s daytime studios brought an ideal opportunity to revitalise the broadcaster’s graphics capabilities. An extensive palette of Avid’s Maestro broadcast graphics tools is now fully integrated with an existing end-to-end Avid HD workflow driven by MediaCentral® that allows ITV Studios Daytime to create unique, high-quality graphics.

Octopus Newsroom announces the completion of a newsroom computer system sale to Trinity Broadcasting Network. For its first use at the Trinity Music City production facility in Hendersonville, Tennessee, TBN has initially acquired Octopus for its new show, Huckabee, being hosted by former governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

After this initial implementation, the system will be rolled out to several of TBN’s other major network production facilities across the country including network headquarters in Tustin, CA. The new program will available in the USA and internationally via TBN’s network of 37 US stations, national cable distribution and direct to home platforms such as DirecTV and Dish, as well as live streaming channels and on-demand via TBN’s website.

“The challenge we faced was how to integrate a newsroom platform into an innovative show concept with a wide variety of information and entertainment content,” says TBN Director of Broadcast Operations & Engineering, Larry Haley. “After carefully researching the available management solutions, we identified the Octopus Newsroom system as the best choice.”

“Key members of the production team attended the April 2017 NAB Convention where a detailed demo confirmed that Octopus offered all the capabilities we needed. The team was particularly impressed by the modular configurability of Octopus 8, its handling of rundown-based content compilation and its efficient control of social media content.”

“Deciding features from the engineering viewpoint were the ability to interface Octopus 8 seamlessly with our Ross graphics, IPV asset management, Cuescript prompting and EVS playout infrastructure. Plus the fact that Octopus 8 runs equally well on multiple operating platforms as we make intensive use of Apple Mac and mobile as well as PCs running Microsoft Windows.”

“We have supplied a complete core system including 15 concurrent user licenses, a MOS gateway, wires, RSS and email handling, full social media integration, hot-standby server facility, two years of premium support, and on-site professional services,” adds Gene Sudduth, Octopus Newsroom’s National Sales Director for North America. “The pricing model and the Octopus Newsroom approach to technical support and system upgrading also met with TBN management’s approval.”

Available for Apple OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems, Octopus 8 gives newsroom staff the ability to ingest all incoming audio, video and still-image files, news agency wires, RSS feeds, emails, SMS messages and even faxes. All content relating to a specific task can be seen in a single view. Octopus 8 is fully MOS compliant and can be integrated into any environment or workflow that supports the MOS protocol. Octopus 8 can easily integrate with existing and new MOS devices. It fully supports the placeholder workflow, thumbnails and proxy preview, item status, channel assignments and many other commands.

Trinity Broadcasting Network: With 30 networks and growing worldwide, Trinity Broadcasting Network ( is the world’s largest faith-and-family television group, airing a broad range of church and ministry programming, Christian music, family-friendly movies, children’s programming, and shows for teens and young adults 24 hours a day to every inhabited continent via 87 satellites and 20,000 television and cable affiliates. In addition, TBN’s most popular global networks are available on computers, smart phones, and other mobile devices, and over 22,000 hours of entertaining and inspiring On-Demand programming is accessible via TBN’s innovative online network,

Avid announced amultiyear enterprise agreement with global entertainment company Viacom to enhance its global production infrastructure on Avid’s MediaCentral® platform. The industry’s most open, tightly integrated and efficient platform, designed for media will enhance collaboration, and increase efficiency and productivity, while introducing new economies of scale, and a path to the cloud for Viacom’s operations, starting with the deployment of Media Composer® | Cloud Remote, which enables editors to remotely connect and collaborate with teams no matter where they’re located.

Viacom is home to premier global media brands that create television programs, motion pictures, games, consumer products, live events and other entertainment content for audiences in more than 180 countries. Its media networks reach over 3.9 bn cumulative television subscribers globally. The company plans to invest in Avid’s comprehensive tools and workflow solutions to create, manage, deliver and optimise media content. “Viacom is the latest member of Avid’s growing community of preeminent customers to adopt a single platform approach and an easily scalable virtualised workflow across its brands,” said Avid President Jeff Rosica. “Avid’s unifying platform & solutions enable Viacom to navigate the dramatically changing media environment & deliver a consistent & higher-value product while finding a new means to control operating costs.”