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Cold data capture heats up cold lighting

This is our first lighting issue for Broadcast Video Producer and I decided to do a story on the Big trucks roaming the streets of Bollywood, screaming about the biggest line-up of lighting solutions for movies. Just gives you a check that in fact, Bollywood is somewhere between Bandra and Versova! I like the fact that almost all of them have these huge trucks boldly painted with jibs and dollies, and ‘cine’ and ‘cinema shooting’

Lighting Gaffer of global repute
Raisa Sarkar, our intrepid reporter, managed to hunt down just three – Light & Grips; Accord Equips; Light n Light. Mulchand Dedhia of Light & Grips is the ‘Gaffer’ Bollywood is proud, with 42 years as Lighting Director. Every Hollywood movie shot in India must have Mulchand do the “Gaffering”. “I prefer ‘Gaffer’ to lighting director,” says Mulchand. Lighting is big business. Go to page 10 for this story.

Last historical decade of warm lighting
LED has led lighting to cold technology, the heat and warmth of the big lights is gone. The transition means new techniques of lighting for new cameras without celluloid. The entire scheme has shifted from ‘pictures’ to video’. Probably this is the last historical decade where you have a Gaffer who knows the heat and warmth of yellow lighting. Digital media combined with LED lighting is changing the lighting gear with all the big rental companies. Check out these LED trends on page xx. Special Product Focus on Cine Lighting for Studio and Outdoor and Audio & Video Connectors for Cinema and Broadcast and Lighting Cases for Storage and Transport.

Digital lighting
Digital lighting for digital media, most new cameras boast of lighting friendly tech, the RED distributed by Mumbai-based Magicam, launched Epic and Weapon with S35 helium sensor [page xx] improves low light sensitivity. With celluloid, lighting was critical and a director’s life depended upon his Lighting Gaffer. Today, digital is virtual and real is in the effects, which brings us to the Da Vinci resolve to correct color [page xx]. I would rather have it as a “color producer”, since once the pixel data capture is done by the camera color creation is the game. Balaji of Chintamani, an avid supporter of BVP is the most preferred source for Da Vinci’s portfolio in India.

Shooting natural
Stereovision out of Chennai, always a step ahead of the game, is where the action is with GoPro the iconic action cameras [pagexx]. Two new Hero 5. Action cameras naturally shoot mostly in motion and in natural lighting. Hero 5 Black is first with control on touchscreen LCD display.
Integration tech.
Naresh Dhawan from Setronic zones in on utility driven integration tech with greenMachine from Lynx, Germany. Broadcast and AV signal processing appliance with App interface, it won a “best in show” award at IBC this year. [Page xx]

Bollywood's video show
Bollywood's own 'broadcast' expo in its xx edition getting acquired by NürnbergMesse wasn't surprising. Stereovision GoPro stole the show as well Blackmagic though it's array apparently misplaced as attendees interest clearly absent except for video production, the mainstay of the Mumbai gathering. Show is thronged with users delivering video production to wedding, corporate, internet-ott, television.

Cold videocam for cold play
Shorts is the new mantra. I recently discussed a prototype of mini 8K videocam + audio recorder mic input with 5" touchscreen for audio video edit, color, effects, titling, and a super modem for file transfer. A game changer. Merging pro video with a smartphone to bombard video platform from wherever. Broadcast Video Producer for edge of the cliff imagination.