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Online video streaming is the future. Content value is increasing exponentially. Online video platforms are obsessing with acquisition of catalogue. Old Hindi (Bollywood) movie which might have zero value for television broadcast and negative value for any form of exhibition in a cinema theatre, even in a mini-mini digital screen, is suddenly worth crores!! Digital platforms need humungous content to achieve meaningful competition. Online video streaming platform like Netflix and Amazon are going to face competition in India from Jio, Times, Hotstar, Voot, and many others.

Content production too is in a frenzy, with web-series being manufactured in the hundreds. The demand far outstrips the supply. Hence our cover this issue – Gear up for online video production – is the guidance from BVP. Check out the Live Streaming Software [page 16] a compilation by our Managing Editor Mrinmai Shinde - five streaming software in popular use, or “trending” as she prefers to categorise them. Primary features and applications detailed in the write-up will guide you quickly to know which streaming software is of use to your studio set-up.

Leading Live Production Switchers [page 30]. 12 leading switchers have been enrolled in this piece for a decent line up of all the popular switchers again “trending” in the global marketplace. One noticeable spec in each live-production tool is that streaming is allowed. Evidently most broadcast product technology today factors in online video content as a must.

Video Production cameras – 8 “trending” cameras - ideally suited for online content video production! [page 20]

The real gambit or disruptive online platform is undoubtedly from Doordarshan. DD has a humungous and very valuable content indeed. The mantra for online video content is ‘local’. DD strategy responds admirably to ground reality, in that maximum viewing is on the mobile smartphone screen. DD has adopted Digital Terrestrial Transmission (DTT), that allows you to watch without any data connection. DTT is seen as OTT alternative for rural India. I think DD will earn quantum times if it allows Amazon, Netflix and Jio or Airtel to access its entire library of content and then and only then will the real value be unleashed. The real value being millions and millions of Indians will then watch the fantastic content DD actually produced in their golden years. I&B Minister Rajyavardhan Rathore, recently appointed, would make his term memorable and useful if he moves to free DD content to be exploited commercially and effectively marketed by more than one OTT platform.

News of Times paying 1000 crore to MX player from South Korea for its OTT play driven by the need to provide local content is one pointer to the online game in attracting viewers.

I would go as far as to say despite all the honchos and savvy content managers producing modern stuff and plucky attractive web series, its DD who has its ear to the ground and given the adrenalin of mega revenue in sharing its treasure it will once again come up trumps in the content game.