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Dunkirk immersive experience achieved by IMAX direct cinematography without special effects is the big news for me. These cinematographers who are challenged need not necessarily rely on special effects. This speaks volumes on what cinema cameras can deliver. To my mind camera innovation is in the next wave.

Cinematographers Combine recently did a trial of Canon C700. Red, ARRI, Panasonic, Sony, Canon and other brands keep tweaking specs with better digital parameters. What is needed is a dramatic shift. The gap or distance between IMAX and standard cameras/lenses/capture must mean an opportunity to innovate and create affordable ‘big format’ ‘immersive’ result. Size doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive.

This issue has a report on cameras for Live Production. Broadcast cameras and switchers with streaming tech is the new mantra.

IBC is up ahead. Come September and all roads lead to Amsterdam. European broadcast product and technology is what finds favour in India. BVP will bring you all the fresh juice from Holland or is it cheese? A view in that NAB sees all new product launch and IBC the same all ‘launches’over again needs to be disproved.

We meet soon at Broadcast India, where definitely the ‘new’ product launched in NAB and IBC which might be used or rather bought in India will be on hard display? Or is it soft? And Hard print.

Anyway, chin up and let’s measure the change in Indian Broadcast in a few days.