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Perspective on broadcast…

When A new digital media ecosystem for convergence of film, video, mobile, gaming, television, advertising, social media, live events, immersive sound and radio. This is NAB’s pitch for 2017. Advanced advertising techniques, video monetization and new revenue streams, focus on start-ups, citizen journalism on social media are topics on US broadcast industry not so much connected to technology. Tech focus at NAB was on Aerial Robotics, Connected media IP for multi-screen delivery, Virtual and Augmented reality, cloud solutions, cyber security, Artificial intelligence in VR, in-car experience ( Samsung bought over Harman), Rarefied stuff, television is evolving rapidly. Technologies to grapple with are more in the realm of OTT broadcast and broadband. Content creation issues aren’t related to cameras, switchers, camera support, location sound, storage, batteries, all of which BVP loves, instead VR, AI, IP, AD sweet spots, is the buzz. Video streaming is replacing ‘broadcast’, servers replace satellites, VOD replaces prime time, cloud replaces studios, VR replaces real time, AI replaces creativity, Robotics replaces ability, Drones replace the joy of cinematography. Was a time when a cinematographer was an adventurer, risked his neck to take a good shot, roughed it up and wore a hat and went into the wild, gone the days. As always India will catch up with a short cut but allow Amazon Primetime and Netflix to alter the equation in the meantime capturing cloudcast™ of video production of new age content from the new kids on the block.

BVP likes the post-production campus feature at NAB as well as implementation of 4K/UHD HDR. More closer to terra firma our March April Theme is camera support. Damn things have legs and must stand firm for the camera [page 28 for Tripods] and [page 36 for jibs and Cranes] BVP has short listed some beauties.

Zeiss has a good heart. Its new CP.3 lenses full set from 15 to 135 mm to cover all applications from wide-angle to telephoto is a must buy, since the best technology Hollywood uses is offered for broadcast video producers of all kind especially the new kids on the block in the grasp of Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Canon enters Indian market with an ‘A’ category movie camera for best-in-class cinematography loaded with practical features which make a difference on ground reality. Features used rather than a spec to boast, for the sake of it. EOS C700 internal 4K ProRes and XF-AVC recording with optional 4K Codex CDX-3150 recorder can record uncompressed RAW upto 120 frames per second. RAW Beauty. [Page 10]

Singapore goes OTT at Broadcast Asia, with Prime Focus carrying the Indian flag, alongwith other Broadcast technology companies from India. [page 34]

Broadcast Video Producer does a Connect program at PALM 2017 from June 1-3 at NESCO Mumbai. Key broadcasters and production studios meet exhibitors with audio-for-video products on exhibit. AV system integration is another key focus at PALM Conference. IT/AV integration-Bridging the Gap will educate System Integrators attending PALM en masse. PALM attracts sourcing solutions for mapping and projection and LED display strongly accented to entertainment installation.

This year PALM Sound and Light Awards and the Indian Recording Arts Academy Awards attract attention. Recording Engineers from Bollywood and indie music production are keen for recognition and honour from IRAA. Promod Chandurkar, Award Director, IRAA has gone the green mile to deliver defining award categories [page 18 for the PALM Story]

PALM has a strong China Pavilion. Sourcing stage sound equipment as well as install sound. Established Chinese brands participate rather than OEM manufacturers. Chinese brands in audio and video are making a mark upping the quality ante.

PALM pro audio and sound systems in Hall 1 and Hall 5 is lighting and lasers, trussing and rigging demos and for the first time Lighting Design Showcase Curated by Ulhas Sahasrabuddhe.

BVP theme for May June is Live Production, once again we focus on cameras and support for live, as well as video post and news on acquisition, broadcast technology, television lighting, and graphics animation. BVP is at the PALM expo, welcome to the phantasmagoria.