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The real BloombergQuint Story showcases India’s first OTT broadcast enabled business news channel

Déjà vu. The experience of having seen this before! Yes! BVP is glad in publishing the BloombergQuint story again. Vinayak Deo, Cineom Broadcast’s old war horse who has conquered many a news room around the country and the world, opined it would be a fitting tribute to this particular news room if the story was rewritten and done ‘properly’, and BVP is over joyed in doing this, nothing like a story told correctly. Mohit Saldanha, a perfectionist, for the written word, and as much for the choice of equipment in his studio, thought so too. BVP was double happy. Mrinmai Shinde, our intrepid reporter who did the transcription of the studio visit was equally enthused to get the written story from source. So the real BloombergQuint story once again. I am most pleased in this happening, since I believe that those in the Broadcast business who missed it the first time and lost the option of doing #metoo in designing their own studio on similar lines ready for OTT and all, will now learn of this Déjà vu act and take the studio seriously this time round. This fulfils our motto – ‘Motivating the market and putting technology in place’ [page 49]. Now this philosophy isn’t new! This has been my guiding motto since 1993 right from the time this magazine was first launched in 1993 in its previous avatar – Studio Systems. So great.
Motivating OTT
BVP is presently in the gear to motivate OTT studios. We must shift gear super-fast to OTT. I am looking for good OTT stories. Especially from the CTO’s we feature on page 16 – BVP’s CTO Diary.
Since the previous issue with the BloombergQuint story had my team photograph on this page we are repeating the same again here.
Singapore show
Broadcast Asia Preview [page 19]. Singapore show too has OTT as a front runner. There was a time when the Singapore show was a must attend for distributors to connect with buyers, as most of us would find Singapore easy to do. Today, Las Vegas seems to be the easiest to do!! Our broadcast industry is increasingly fond of Las Vegas to solve all technology and OTT solutions! IPL meanwhile is rocking the OTT boat and how! OTT viewers far exceeding sky broadcast.
NAB is all about media and entertainment and “technology” – MET. MET refers to technology beyond broadcast. NAB is all about technology per se, whether it’s autonomous transport stuff, cyber security, A.I., Game developer stuff, start-up innovation, really wide ambit, it’s fun.
New Cameras
On broadcast technology specifically acquisition and video production latest cameras from Sony and Arri has released already at the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC). ALEXA LF (Large Format camera system) 4K full frame, with Large Positive Lock - LPL mount, and new Signature Prime lenses. Sony CineAlta Venice a full frame motion picture camera system. Panavision introduced the new Millennium DXL2 8K camera.
Compliance with standards
Compliance with standards for IP networks was evident in most with advanced features introduced in current products. With more post equipment inter-operable production efficiency will improve. IMF – Interoperable Master Format integration into broadcast workflow is the new mantra. The latest SMPTE standard ST 2110 for online (OTT) broadcast is the aim for industry.
The ProRes Raw format pro codec will enable raw workflow from Cannon C300 Mark II and C500, Panasonic AU-EVA1 and Varicam LT, Sony FS5 and FS7 for post on Final Cut Pro X. Thus many more post facilities will access unified raw data from a number of cameras and sessions. This will give a fillip to the post market.
Full frame
Full frame is a trend and was at NAB, though the Cannon C700 FF and Sony Venice as well Alexa LF are released into market since last year NAB. The buzz for full frame must mean a beeline to check out these models. The image sensor is same as 35mm format [36mm x 24mm]. Full frame assures low light acquisition and lighting set-up is easier. Cameras seem to love cinematographers to death. Doing all the work for them with tech so much so cinematographers must hate them, as all the aura of being a creative genius is being robbed!!
Pro Audio Lighting Music Production

PALM 2018 is the18th consecutive, successive expo on sound, light, audiovisual. This glorious event covers over 27000 sqm and 8 halls, attracting 21,000 trade and professional visitors. PALM preview on page 36. This year, the largest ever show with hundreds of brands and ‘1000s of products in pro audio, pro sound and light and AV with Display and projection technologies. As the AV market explodes on Install in hospitality, night life, performance venues across India PALM provides the one source for solutions and product from across the world. BVP is a part of the PALM team. We are at the show on Booth D100. BVP will guide you straight to your source for audio-for video and broadcast and video equipment on exhibit at the show. Be there or be square!!
WE move to Live Production next issue, see you on the IPL field, which as I write is crushing Mumbai Indians again and again much to my delight.