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With music videos, mood is a major factor in production. Braedon Freeland, owner and operator of B Free Media, recently shot three music videos and was able to capture three distinct moods using two daylight-balanced Zylight F8-200 LED Fresnels.

All three videos were shot in 4K with a Sony PXW-FS7 Super 35 camera recording ProRes 4:2:2 to an AtomosShogun Inferno. Freeland shot two of the videos at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles, serving as director and DP for both.

The first, a solo video for Jessica Louise Garcia, had a somber feel. The set was black and empty, with a single Zylight F8-200 without diffusion hung from the lighting grid serving as the only light.

Freeland used a Freefly stabilizer and circled Garcia while she sang, then edited the best pieces from six takes to create the finished video. He said the Zylight provided flattering light from all angles, including as a rim light from the back.

The second video, an up-tempo duet with Garcia and Kat McDowell, had a completely different aesthetic. Positioning the singers back to back, Freeland placed them amidst a “jungle” of C-stands covered in flags and lit with colored gels to create unique reflections. Each singer was lit with one of the F8-200s.

As DP for a third video for Aaron Orbit, Freeland traveled to the historic Ventura Theater in Ventura, Calif. The footage has a “dreamy” feel, shot at high-speed but slowed down in post for a unique look.

One scene featured a dancer with long hair and a flowing dress dancing in front of a textured wall in a dressing room. Freeland wanted to light it with natural light coming through the windows, but he hid one F8-200 behind a corner to provide additional brightness.

“The F8-200 imitated the sun perfectly,” he added. “What’s nice about these lights is that you’re able to run them down to low power and get high-quality light. Whether you’re at 10 percent or 100 percent, the color temperature is the same.”

In an historic location like the Ventura Theater, power is normally a challenge because the limits of the electrical wiring are unknown. In the past, Freeland had a strict rule of plugging in no more than one Fresnel per room in older locations to avoid tripping a circuit breaker or blowing a fuse.

With the Zylight F8-200s, which draw only 200w, there were no power issues. “It’s a big advantage being able to use your lights and not have to worry about tripping breakers,” he noted. “We didn’t even need to use a battery. The power consumption is low, but the power output is high.”

Another scene was shot in the balcony, a moody setup inspired by old-time projectors that became Orbit’s favorite. One F8-200 was used to light Orbit’s face, while the second was positioned behind him to light rows of balcony seats and serve as his rim light.

Freeland credited the F8-200s with saving time on location. “Because these lights are high-performance LED lights, you can move quickly because you don’t have to wait for the lights to cool down,” he explained.

“They’re easy to move, they’re not heavy or awkward. The build quality is top notch – they don’t feel cheap in any way. I don’t want to go back to using traditional Fresnel lights.”

Bexel, the broadcast rental house, has announced an upgrade of its lighting inventory with the addition of 300 new Litepanels Astra 6X LED panels.

Bexel said the new lights will be key components in Bexel’s ongoing support of customers who require turnkey lighting solutions in any location at outdoor sporting venues. Both Bexel and Litepanels are Vitec Group brands.

“The new Astra 6X panels are not only brighter, but they offer the versatility sports broadcasters need to light the announce booth or just about any location for an on-camera shot or interview — the football sideline, the locker room, the basketball courtside, the baseball dugout or in the pits for NASCAR,” said Lee Estroff, vice president of account development at Bexel.

Litepanels new Astra 6X LED panel is 50 percent brighter than the first-generation Astra light and six times brighter than Litepanels’ original 1 x 1 panel, which broke new ground in the lighting industry when it was first introduced.

Even with its greater intensity, the Astra 6X draws less power than its predecessor, which allows for longer battery run time. In addition to delivering higher-quality color rendering, the panels can be powered by professional camera batteries, making them ideal for productions looking to save power and reduce costs.

Bexel’s new inventory of Astra 6X lights will arrive just as the company’s sports-broadcasting clients gear up for the college and pro football seasons and head into baseball playoffs.

Canara Lighting has introduced JAGLE Panel LED digital lighting fixture. This product has been developed with many features based on digital technology. This revolutionary lighting fixture is a solution for all possible lighting applications in TV and film studios. JAGLE Panel is a digitally designed, smart and intelligent lighting fixture based on green technology, user friendly operation and excellent performance.

The name JAGLE Panel is inspired by the properties of the lighting fixture which provides the lighting design agility of a Jaguar and the clarity of an Eagle’s sight. Hence the name JAGuar + EagLE = JAGLE.

JAGLE Panel has unbeatable features such as: • Provides extensive range of CCT from 2700K to 12000K.
• While changing CCT, no compromise on CRI or TLCI.
• Colour correction mechanism compat- ible for all camera makes.
• Provides colour wash with customised colours with fade and enrich options.
• RGBW microprocessor colour mixer to achieve millions of colour shades.
• RGBW colour with HSI control.
• Adjustable system settings to suit and comfort all users and designers.
• Many play modes
• USB supported on board firmware up gradation.
• Save and load, light effects and system settings.
• Compatible with all DMX 512 protocols.
• Multiple DMX mode functions and operations.
• Green colour correction.
• CRI > 95.
• TLCL > 90.
• LED lifetime > 50,000 hours.
• CE certified.

The Dream Lighting Fixture

Launched on 23rd May 2017 at Broadcast Asia, Suntec City, Singapore.

About Canara Lighting

During the last 4 decades, Canara Lighting has become an important global player in stage and studio lighting system. Verticals catered by Canara Lighting includes broadcasting, film, auditorium and theatres, architectural and sports stadium lighting system. Today, Canara Lighting, an ISO 9001 company, is the biggest fully integrated manufacturer of studio and stage lighting system and total solution provider in South Asia. Product range includes lighting fixtures in LED, Halogen, CFL and HMI, rigging equipment, both fixed and motorised, cable management system, dimmers, consoles and various electrical panels.

Lighting Director Matt Firestone has recently installed 30 Martin VDO Sceptron LED video fixtures on the set of Love Connection, the classic 1980s-era game show which will return to Fox television in May, 2017.

Hosted by Andy Cohen, the reboot of the 80’s game show features a completely modernized set design. Firestone used the VDO Sceptrons to create a background during specific shots when both the contestant and the host are on screen.

“We wanted to create an animated background that could move organically and make the shot more interesting — without putting up a video wall that would distract from the dialog,” said Firestone.

“The Martin VDO Sceptrons really are the entire background for close-up shots of the couch with the host and the guest. We love the Sceptrons and try to use them whenever we can — they’re great tools.”

The VDO Sceptrons, made by Harman-owned Martin, were supplied by Sweetwater NEP, a full service provider of video production and display technologies with facilities in New York and California.

“The VDO Sceptrons are very well made, reliable and connect together very simply with one cable,” said Ron Drews, president of Sweetwater NEP Live Events. “They’re clean and there’s lots of options for lenses that go over the front, which make them a great fixture for television. They’re perfect for breaking up large amounts of space and it’s a very cost-effective way to dress up a set.”

The Martin VDO Sceptron Series is available in three models with either 10 mm, 20 mm or 40 mm of pixel pitch. All include an extensive range of optical accessories for a wide variety of looks.

Integrated power and data cabling allows for long daisy-chains with many fixtures per cable-run, while the power supply can be located backstage (up to 164 feet away) for a clean setup avoiding cabling and multiple driver boxes.

All three models of the VDO Sceptron Series are driven by the Martin P3 System Controller family for easy configuration, mapping and setup. It is also backwards compatible with DMX for smaller setups.

NanGuang, a Chinese lighting and accessory manufacturer, has introduced a new compact LED light panel for studio use, as well as a wall arm and a background support kit.

The light measures 9 inches x 15.7 inches x 2.3 inches and comes with 400 LEDs that in total produce 40 watts of power and 2115 lumens of light at 5600K. The average LED life is 50,000 hours.

The new Combo 40C LED flat panel light comes with a built-in soft diffuser and features zero to 100 percent dimming control. Stepless color temperature adjustments are possible from 5600-3200K.

NanGuang also introduced a wall arm designed to support most manufacturers’ light heads up to 11 pounds in weight. The arm folds out for use and can be pushed flat against the wall when not needed. It can also achieve a full range of lateral horizontal and vertical movement and features a two-section, extendable arm, a reversible lighting spigot and a ¼-inch tripod screw.

The new Background Support Kit can be dismantled for easy transport to location shoots and comes with two tripod-style support stands and three locking cross bars of about a yard in length each. It can be used with full or half-length rolls of background paper or any other type of background material that requires a simple pole support.

At IBC, Photon Beard will showcase its Highlight LED range, while its sister company, Projects Department Ltd. (PDL), will discuss its specialist consultancy service for television lighting.

Photon Beard’s Highlight LEDs use remote phosphor technology to offer excellent color rendering and TLCI (television lighting consistency indexes). The fixtures are silent due to being passively cooled.

Highlight LEDs come in 90, 180, 270 and 360-watt variants which equate to two, four, six and eight tube fluorescents. However, the fixtures emit more light than typical lights with no color shift over time. The lights do not produce the unpleasant skin tones that tend to make directors of photography reluctant to use them for lighting presenters.

Sister company PDL recently completed the extensive design, supply and installation for the YouTube production space in London as well as many other global lighting projects. PDL will share the IBC stand with Photon Beard to discuss contemporary lighting for any application.

Zylight will introduce the 350-watt Pro-Palette asymmetric wall washer, a new LED light that produces a soft, even field of light with enough output to cover 25-foot cyc walls.

Designed for TV studios and theatres, Zylight said the Pro-Palette shines pure white for a clean chromakey wash, and features Zylight’s Color Mode to produce millions of colors without gels or filters. Built for floor use or truss mount, the lightweight Pro-Palette features solid aluminum and steel construction. Up to four Pro-Palette fixtures can be daisy chained through their powercon connectors. The Pro-Palette features integrated DMX operation as well as an intuitive control panel for smooth zero to 100 percent dimming.

Zylight’s Pro-Zoom line of LED zoom ellipsoidals will also debut at IBC. Developed as a 
 high-powered spot or gobo projector for television stages, broadcast news studios and live 
 theatre, the new ellipsoidal fixtures offer a choice of zoom lenses suited for various 
 lighting projects.

The product family features three 200 watt lights with different optical zoom ranges to fit most stage lighting requirements. These include the Pro-Zoom Wide, with a 30-55 degree beam width; the Pro-Zoom Medium, with an 18-36 degree beam and the Pro-Zoom Narrow, with an 8-22 degree beam.

All Pro-Zoom fixtures are available in tungsten (3200K) or daylight (5600K), and feature a double condenser optical system for clean and precise gobo projection.