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Aputure has launched the Light Storm 300D, a 4.6lbs / 2.1kg LED light measuring 13.5in / 34.29cm long with up to 142,000 lux and an output equivalent to a 2,000 watts tungsten.

The light can be powered with batteries or through AC power, and can be wirelessly controlled from distances up to 150m / 492ft. Control is also possible through what Aputure calls an intuitive control box.

The light’s low temperature coupled with its Bowens mount enables users to attach nearly any Bowens mount accessory (if you can find them...), according to Aputure. Additionally, an integrated ultra-silent fan works alongside internal thermometers to intelligently adjust its speed based on the light’s temperature.

Color accuracy is exceptional with a CRI rating of ≥95 and TCLI rating of ≥96 alongside a 5500K±200K color temperature.

The Light Storm 300D is currently listed on Amazon with an in-stock date of November 15th and a $1,100 USD price tag.

BB&S Lighting has introduced Pipeline Free 3 & 4 Foot that has the ability to control each fixture individually on the onboard manual dimmer and run on battery or AC Power.

This makes it very fast and easy to achieve the exact mood and look you´d like when you´re on location.

Many gaffers and photographers like to have a Pipeline Free in their bag at all times, to always be prepared for unexpected situations.

We have had several requests about making a Pipeline Free 3 and 4 foot, as different situations require different sizes of lighting fixtures.

By adding these two longer once, the company is hoping that it’s customers will now be fully equipped to handle any lighting situation, also the unexpected once, to perfection.

The 4 Foot will make you cover a larger area with light, and as our Pipelines offer 1000 lumens a foot, the 4 Foot is that more powerful.

The 3 Foot however can help you light up places, where the 4 Foot is just a little too big. For instance, if you´re shooting a car commercial and have to fit lights in the trunk - the 4 Foot wouldn´t fit in there, the 2 Foot would be a little too small, but the 3 Foot is perfect.

Another helpful thing about the Pipelines is that they don´t use that much power, so no matter what kind of battery you´re using, you´ll have light for a longer time than if you use most other similar fixtures.

Lighting manufacturer Rotolight has introduced a mark 2 version of its Anova Pro circular LED stills and video light. The Anova Pro 2 is the same size as the previous model, but according to the company, the new model features a 70% uplift in brightness, “unrivaled battery performance”, and up to 10,700 lux at 3 feet instead of 6,280 in continuous mode.

Like the previous model, the Anova Pro 2 also operates as a flash unit, and is capable of high speed sync at up to 1/8000sec. Rotolight says the flash mode has no recycle time and that the maximum output has been increased by 250%.

The Anova Pro 2 also has the Elinchrom Skyport system built-in to allow wireless radio triggering and control of the lights. The Skyport receiver has a range of 200m and provides remote access to light levels in flash and continuous modes, as well as color temperature and the built-in CineSFX cinema effects.

Rotolight says the CineSFX effects—which create various flashing patterns to simulate the light from a fire or a TV, for example—have been improved to give them ‘enhanced realism’ with the help of Batman and James Bond visual effects cinematographer Stefan Lange. The unit also has variable color temperature settings that run from 3150 to 6300K, a CRI value of >96, and a Television Lighting Consistency Index of 91.

Although its rating of 72W uses more power than the original version, it still has the best power consumption ratio in the industry when the output is taken into consideration, says Rotolight. The light can be powered by a V-Mount battery or directly from the mains supply.