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News is in the news off air and on net with digital cash

News is in news. The news is that news is gradually shifting off the TV screen. News off the net is the big news. Net news is evolving. Facebook is worried about news it broadcast. Trump is happy about fake news. Indian news channels are the purest form of entertainment. Each entertaining anchor gets to have his news channel. Arnab Goswami launched Republic TV - BVP will soon feature a studio report. This is not the same thing as India TV launched by Rajat Sharma. Rajat Sharma was and is a journalist. Is news the prerogative of Journalists or smart looking women who can deliver news so you dream about meeting one such as the presenter and have a smart life? Whichever way you look at it news on the net is shaping news room technology. BVP features in this issue [page 26] the smartest studio just gone on air in Mumbai – BloombergQuint - the first ‘open studio’ in a crushed market with hundreds of news channels, each more strident than the other. Bloomberg studio design is guided by their global format adopted in India. What of course one expects is not only in studio design and technology and equipment installed but also on content. Business news is always premium content, competing with other biggies such as NDTV Profit, CNBC TV 18 (Reliance 51%), Zee Business. BloombergQuint news studio MCR and server room is equipped with AWS Elemental Live which feeds every OTT platform on differing specs. Digital ad delivery is guided by SCTE-35 marker. Monetising digital news streaming is the key going forward. BVP views the future all news studios will adopt this trick.
Though Chandrababu Naidu is in the news for his constant scrap with the centre on being taken for a ride in giving away Telangana, T News focused on the new state that just launched. Real Image has AVID iNews in both BloombergQuint and TNews studios. [Check out the upgrade story on page 12]
USD100 million Investment
BVP in its quick survey predicts investment of USD 100 million in next 17 months in the run-up to the next big or rather biggest in the world election of the world’s largest democracy. 100 million USD of investment guaranteed in news and business news studio set-ups to leverage various political groups across the 26 states and national politics. Apart from this investment further investment is assured in transforming existing channels to OTT savvy infrastructure.
Modular OTT Broadcast
It’s Nice to see Canon team up with AVID Media Composer and LiveU for the Pro DV segment with a road show that kicked off from North-East. Canon C-200 connected with a LiveU Solo is an OTT solution for steaming live professional video. Way to go if your business depends on bombarding social media and OTT channels. Serious explosion of OTT content is expected which will trigger sales of Pro DV cameras which again will trigger sales of modular lighting camera accessories, like high-end tripods.
New gung-ho team
The team BVP is driven to recoup and renergize. Produce meaningful reportage and great value for advertising. our motto captioned in team photo above.