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Newsroom needs culture to adopt technology…

When we think of a news channel, the first name that comes to our mind is NDTV. The sophisticated news channel we respond to in terms of style and credibility. What this magazine is privy to is NDTV which is also first among equals in being savvy about video tech, and news tech. The aspirational ethos of this channel has always been to possess the tools to create cutting-edge news feeds. Adoption of technology in a news channel isn’t easy. First, you need the culture in the news studio, then the people, and then the machines to produce news that impacts the viewer. Impacting viewers with news delivered with depth and grace. Sure the news studio needs state-of-art MAM and DAMs and news editors, archiving, huge media assets with past footage or API links to other sources, good cameras, good lighting, sincere anchors, and some VR for backdrops, good graphics, and exciting feeds from fields.

Popular solutions reflect trending tech
Our edit team has three Hot Newsroom Solutions; which means trending tech with innovation, having gained a level of popularity, which for us more than anything else proves ‘Hot’. BVP is motivated in its core philosophy – putting technology in place™ and motivating the market™. So we have selected a few products that will interest the serious video producer. First is NRCS – News Room Computer Systems – a comprehensive solution incorporating MAM, edit, archive, graphics, and the flow. Processing power, storage power, streaming power, solid state power, display power, these technologies comes together in an NRCS system.
Second is Virtual Sets, which means the newsroom brand logo goes out and some sci-fi background replaces channel branding, which is highly recommended! A virtual modern studio décor rather than the best construction is the mantra, since Indian workmanship leaves a lot to be desired, with studios looking shabby whoever the designer. Intensiky, Brainstorm, NewTek, Vizrt is BVP short list.

100+ news channels operate in India. Media possess power and power is the play for all those for whom politics is the refuge. The cost of running a news channel isn’t killing anyone who has access to political funding. There are channels run by thorough media companies too which must gather news across the nation. The extremely affordable ENG camera is the salvation. Third Hot Newsroom Solution is ENG cameras. The new range of ENG cameras will be enabled for 5G connectivity to despatch video footage on the fly, be palm-sized, offering Bluetooth edit on the laptop. Essentially the shoulder-mounted ENG camera is on the way out.

Archiving video assets
The humungous amount of video accumulated archiving becomes imperative. The Masstech software for newsroom archiving will interest facilities requiring solutions for storage and retrieval of video assets and exploit sharing opportunities.

Newsroom essentials
The teleprompter in a newsroom is the anchors best friend. We have found six teleprompters worth taking about, useful reckoner in the Product Focus section. Another potential newsroom tool is the chroma keyer to transport the newsroom to the scene of action, also in the Product Focus section. If the NRCS solution seems over the top we have eight media-asset-management [MAM} products, that could get the newsroom going.

BVP’s TOP 50
A non-defining, neutral, list of professional products looking at a feature, price, popularity, usability in the Indian market context. Our readers look forward to this annual exercise as a guiding factor for the year ahead. The gamut of products includes cameras, lenses, microphones, monitors, action cameras, drones, switchers, memory cards, converters, audio recorders, camera support, essentially all a savvy video producer need know about.

March-April studio issue
March-April theme is Special Purpose cameras and Camera Support Systems. BVP plans on identifying products that have made a difference and would make a difference to the smart Broadcast Video Producer. Stay tuned to be a smart BVP!