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Boris FX has showcased major new versions of the industry’s premier plug-ins: Continuum, Sapphire, and Mocha in connection with the brand new 2018 Boris FX App Manager at the NAB.

Technology demos of upcoming products are now united with a new Boris FX App Manager — a user-friendly, centralised utility to manage and license all Boris FX products and plug-ins. Additionally, Particle Illusion, the popular motion graphics and particle animation system Boris FX acquired from GenArts, is being relaunched with an updated user interface, additional new emitter libraries, and blazing fast GPU speeds. Original founder of Particle Illusion, Alan Lorence has joined the Boris FX team as the Product Manager.

“We’re excited to preview new versions of Sapphire, Continuum, and Mocha, plus announce the reboot of Particle Illusion,” says Boris Yamnitsky, Boris FX Founder & President. “We have listened to our customer base and have taken on multiple initiatives that will greatly enhance the workflow for editors, motion graphics, and effects artists. Mocha will have a streamlined user interface to improve the tracking and masking found in all our products, and the new Boris App Manager provides our customers with a welcome centralized utility for quick and easy installation and licensing management.” Yamnitsky continues, “Another highly-requested feature was to bring back Particle Illusion. We have responded by reengineering and designing this application from the ground up. The NAB show is a great opportunity for customers to meet the team and learn more about our core commitment to developing the most robust professional tools for the broadcast and post-production industry.”

Boris FX NAB 2018 Announcements:

Boris FX Suite 2018 and App Manager

The Boris FX Suite is a bundle product making the industry’s three most popular plug-in packages (Sapphire, Continuum, and Mocha Pro) available together on one license with cost effective pricing, purchase, and subscription options. The Boris FX App Manager is a new utility that unifies licensing and application management for all Boris products.

Particle Illusion

Particle Illusion creates brilliant motion graphics elements, such as sparkles, smoke, and fireworks with a lightning fast GPU-accelerated engine in a simple, easy-to-learn interface. NAB attendees can preview a technology demo of the new Particle Illusion plug-in which will be released later in 2018 as part of Continuum 12 and the Continuum Particle Unit.

Mocha 2018

The Academy Award-winning tools found in Mocha Pro, Mocha VR (recently awarded a prestigious Advanced Imaging Society Tech Award, January 2018), Sapphire, and Continuum will feature a new Essential Interface Mode to help editors and VFX artists solve tracking and masking challenges in less time. Mocha Pro and Mocha VR will be updated in 2018 with an improved interface, new tools for rotoscoping and mask creation, and speed improvements in object removal and clean plating.

Brainstorm has showcased the recently released InfinitySet 3 at NAB, which will also play the key role in the main theatre demo, focused on hyper realistic augmented reality and in-context data-driven graphics. InfinitySet not only will demonstrate why it is the most advanced mixed reality and virtual studio solution, but also how its Combined Render Engine with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and its seamless integration with Brainstorm’s Aston, can deliver the best of breed imagery to high-end broadcast operation.

Brainstorm’s experience of nearly 25 years in producing advanced 3D graphics and virtual sets is concentrated in InfinitySet, which provides state-of-the-art Augmented Reality features used daily by broadcasters all over the world to create astonishing shows using virtual sets and graphics.

Technologies like TrackFree™ or unique features such as TeleTransporter, 3D Presenter or VideoGate are helping customers of all sizes, from CBS or Wrestlemania in the US to TVN in Chile or Fox Sports in Brazil to create amazing virtual content to better engage audiences while significantly reducing costs.

InfinitySet was also used by CJ&EM for the Opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang, which included advanced, hyper realistic 4K Augmented Reality in the ceremony’s live transmission. This performance extensively used the Combined Render Engine feature of InfinitySet, which combines Brainstorm’s eStudio render engine with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. Particle effects and other AR elements were perfectly synchronized and seamlessly matched with the real footage, converting the already amazing live performance into a stunning piece of art available for the worldwide audience.

In addition to all the above, the integration of Aston and InfinitySet is now even deeper with much-improved graphics workflow. Now, InfinitySet seamlessly integrates, and can control Aston graphics including its animation logic and structure, enhancing the creation, management and use of graphics content for alternative applications such as Augmented and Mixed Reality, which can also be enhanced by using such in-context data driven graphics.