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Brainstorm will be exhibiting at IBC 2017 and showcasing the latest versions of its renowned product line of virtual sets and motion graphics solutions. IBC will see the world premiere of Neuron, Brainstorm’s all-new broadcast graphics management solution, and also, for the first time in Europe, the company will show VisualMedia, a 3D real-time graphics visualization product based on social media feeds.

Virtual and Augmented Reality enhanced solutions

At IBC 2017 InfinitySet 3 will make its European debut, and will be deliverable shortly after the show. The game changer in the InfinitySet 3 is that it includes a number of advanced graphics features, as it now incorporates the Aston graphics creation toolset so it can edit, manage and create high-end 2D and 3D motion graphics with total control, speed and ease-of-use.

InfinitySet 3, along with advanced rendering features such as PBR and HDR, also supports the Unreal Engine, which can be combined with the Brainstorm eStudio engine to create state-of-the-art output with amazing results and endless possibilities. This Combined Render Engine feature simplifies setup as it does not require additional hardware such as studio mixers, and can be easily integrated into any broadcaster’s existing installation.

InfinitySet 3 will also show the new Augmented Reality features which were acclaimed at NAB, such as the VirtualGate capability which integrates the presenter not only in the virtual set but also inside additional content within it, and VideoCAVE, a Mixed Reality application using monitors in a real set performing as a CAVE multiple window. Also, thanks to the TrackFree™ technology and its TeleTransporter feature, InfinitySet 3 can interchangeably use real, live input or pre-recorded footage as the background environment for the chroma-keyed talent. This functionality permits a remote talent to become a virtual traveller and be tele-transported to any location at any time, while seamlessly interacting with real and virtual elements thanks to the unique 3D Presenter feature, which transforms the talent into a full 3D object.

Neuron: Broadcast graphics management

Brainstorm will introduce Neuron, a new integrated, MOS-compatible template-based system that allows for complex graphics integration not only in the newsroom, but also in most of the common broadcast workflows, enhancing the newsroom with the support of continuity and broadcast traffic as well. This solution builds on the experience gained with BrainNews which is the company’s graphics for news application, and now transcends the newsroom to become a sophisticated, MOS-compatible on-air graphics control system that enables the integration of Brainstorm’s powerful real-time high-quality 3D graphics engine into the broadcast workflow without the need for continuous input from designers.

Viz Weather introduces a complete 3D real-time weather system. It features a broad range of advanced visualization possibilities in HD and 4K. Viz Weather integrates with any weather data provider and can trigger graphics and animations automatically.

The advantages include, 3D Real-time template-based weather editing and playout system; data-agnostic supporting all of today’s major weather data formats; seamless integration with newsroom and automation systems; and support for automated generation of clips for mobile and web production workflows.

It features Advanced 3D visualization, HD & 4K graphics, Integrated with Viz World, Weather alerts, Standalone configuration, Real-time preview, and Interactive graphics amongst others.

Viz Weather is a template-based solution that allows the integration of live weather data into pre-defined graphic templates. Data comes from many sources including the National Weather Service, WDT, StormGeo, and Custom Weather. A turn-key integrated data service is available for any data provider or combination of data providers so that our customers get the best possible forecast.

Weather data is fetched live in an automated process, ensuring the data is always up to date before going to air. Automatic alerts from the National Weather Service are sent directly to air with the Viz Weather integration to Viz Ticker.

The combination of Viz Weather and WOD results in a flexible, online user-selectable weather feed for point forecasts, grid animation data, satellite data, observations and more. The area chosen for the forecast is covered by a global on-demand service, allowing the user to change the area of interest and the 3D animations within seconds. The WOD service allows to go on-air with locally updated weather information anywhere and anytime. This particularly important in time-critical weather conditions such as floodings, hurricanes, sand storms or wildfires. Viz Weather can visualize forecasts for these storms with maps and point data as well as provide a risk index. This gives you an excellent tool to show your viewers maps over their region where the potential of the storms are high, medium or low.