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Brainstorm announces the release of the production version of InfinitySet 3 and Aston 3, along with eStudio 15, the company’s core render engine and basis for the whole product range. This release represents a major update of the company’s best-selling products, headed by eStudio which now provides even more advanced features which assures its position as the benchmark render engine for real-time 3D broadcast graphics and virtual studios. With Version 3, InfinitySet and Aston gain a number of major features which greatly improve the products’ capabilities to easily create high-quality content, no matter if it is for real-time graphics, virtual sets or Augmented Reality for broadcast and beyond, preparing the ground for the upcoming 4K and even 8K broadcast worlds.

InfinitySet has always featured a vast virtual set toolkit, including industry-first technologies such as 3D Presenter, TeleTransporter, HandsTracking and FreeWalking, all of them taking advantage of Brainstorm’s unique TrackFree™ technology. InfinitySet 3 now benefits from a number of new features, many of them premiered during 2017, that improve the product’s Augmented Reality features, such as VideoGate and VideoCAVE. Especially interesting is the VideoGate feature, which allows for the seamless integration of the presenter not only in the virtual set but also inside additional content within it, so the talent in the virtual world can be tele-transported to any video with full broadcast continuity.

Another acclaimed and highly anticipated optional feature for InfinitySet is the Combined Render Engine which, as the name suggests, combines the Brainstorm eStudio render engine with the Unreal Engine from Epic Games. This allows InfinitySet 3 to control Unreal Engine’s parameters in real time to include excellently rendered and realistic background scenes. And as it is integrated with eStudio, it also allows for the inclusion of real-time graphics elements such as 3D motion graphics, stats, pie charts etc., allowing for the creation of amazing, hyper-realistic Augmented Reality content.

Version 3 also provides enhanced integration between InfinitySet and Aston which and allows InfinitySet 3 to take full advantage of the Aston graphics creation and editing toolset, so it can manage and create 2D/3D Aston motion graphics when required and all within the same application, improving the speed, accuracy and realism of the result. Therefore, the creation, management and use of Aston graphics content is greatly enhanced, which in turn improves workflow and throughput. Furthermore, a single control system can simultaneously playoutthe graphics from Aston and InfinitySet alike.

“Our expertise in the broadcast and film industry during the last quarter of a century has prepared us to cope with any requirement the markets might have, regardless of the quality, bit rate or image size the most advanced broadcasters demand. Our aim, as always, is to provide our customers with the best fit for purpose products, and the latest developments and innovations in Version 3 reinforce our commitment by continuing to provide them with the highest quality content to maximise audience engagement”, says Ricardo Montesa, CEO of Brainstorm.

Brainstorm and FOX Brazil, the Brazilian 24-hour subscription Sports channel, have used the InfinitySet’s TeleTransport feature to provide new, innovative and creative ways for the coverage of the Copa Libertadores for the semi-finals and final.

The TeleTransporter technology, exclusive to Brainstorm, seamlessly combines 3D virtual sets with real characters and live or pre-recorded video feeds, all moving accordingly with precise matching of perspective, color, shadows, reflections or focus. This technology also allowed the presenter to be virtually sent from the broadcaster’s central studios to the football field, so the audience saw him giving an on-site report, while he was physically at the Fox headquarters.

InfinitySet’s TeleTransporter allows the real-time matching of the camera tracking and perspective of both sites, that of the studio where the chroma keyed sports presenter is, and the one from the remote location’s live feed where the presenter is going to be placed. InfinitySet also allows the inclusion of virtual shadows, color correction and other elements to improve the realism of the final scene. Additionally, Fox Brazil extensively used Augmented Reality on set, with full perspective and accuracy, showing different 3D elements including the football clubs’ badges and also social media content and other graphics.

According to Luis Santos, Head of Engineering and Operations, Fox Sports, “Fox is proud of being an innovative and creative channel, and this coverage of the Copa Libertadores proves once again our commitment with the most advanced technology. That is why we have chosen Brainstorm’s InfinitySet advanced TeleTransporter features to enhance our live shows getting the best of our resources at any time”.

Brainstorm along with, leaders in live social media management, moderation and publishing, announce the NAB launch of OnMedia, a unique end-to-end solution for managing virtual and augmented reality 3D graphics based on social media feeds. OnMedia is one of the developments resulting from Brainstorm and’s partnership as leaders of Project VisualMedia in the Europe 2020 Horizon framework programme. The project is funded by the European Commission, as a response to the needs of creative industries in the broadcast media sector.

OnMedia integrates both never-no’s and Brainstorm technologies, delivering all the power of its 3D Graphics Engine to display the information gathered and structured previously from the internet. The Social Media Engine can select the information, edit the graphics template, publish it and send the graphics to any broadcaster’s workflow, or play them out to air directly, presenting such data in the most attractive manner, and enhancing the information displayed. OnMedia is also scalable, so it can be adapted to the needs of local and regional TV stations, national broadcasters and production houses.

OnMedia allows end-to-end social content management, customization, and publishing to both 3D TV graphics and second screen environments, going far beyond the requirement for displaying live social data in dynamic TV formats, but also provides a missing production flow in traditional broadcast environments. It is an integrated, stand-alone, modular application which makes it easy to search, filter, publish, visualize and engage with content from the audience.

According to David Alexander, Commercial Director of Brainstorm, “OnMedia helps broadcasters to enhance their programming content to drive higher audience ratings and foster loyalty from their audiences, providing a unique, end-to-end solution for social graphics management that takes advantage of our more than 20 years of experience in delivering high-end real-time graphics.”

Scott Davies, CEO of commented, “This goes far beyond the desirable requirement of live social data in visually dynamic TV formats, but also fundamentally provides a missing production flow in traditional broadcast environments. Whist visualisation is key, the ability for producers, journalists and editorial teams to collect, moderate and build visual formats in real-time where simple creative changes can be made in a single interface quickly and easily is something that is missing in the industry.

Now with the OnMedia solution, end to end social content management, customisation, and publishing to both 3D TV graphics as well as second screen environments can be achieved quickly and simply.