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Lead Feature / Cover Story Newsroom, Production Systems, Live News Studio, News Studio Camera, Newsroom Multicamera Setup, Newsroom Production System Slow-mo and Motion Capture Cameras, POV(Action Cameras), HD-4K Block Cameras, Wireless Camera Systems Live Switchers, Vision Mixers, Sport Cameras & Concerts, Projectors, Intercom Systems, Lighting for Live production, OB vans Lenses for film and high-end camera lens, Broadcast lens, Cinema Lens, Flashes, Filter Product, 4k cine lens, 8k lens Special cameras for movies, TV Shows, Wild life, High end camera technology, HD/4k/8j/16k Cameras, High End TV & Movie Cameras Lighting for movies/studio/TV shows/sports
Product Focus 1 Camcorders (ENG cameras for field reporting), Field Video Post-production Camera Support, Cranes, Dollies, Tilt heads, Remote control Systems, Camera Robotics, Tracking Systems, Tripods, Pedestals 4K Cameras/lenses for live production Cloud based IP workflow management for live shows, Live graphics production software, Voice automated production software, Portable live storage systems, Live rack units, Live portable studios Microphones, Wireless microphones High End Movie Cameras, Video field recorders Continuous lighting - LED lights/Fluorescent lighting, HMI lighting/plasma lighting /tungstens, Monolights/power pack strobes/ flashes & slaves
Product Focus 2 Weather Graphics, DAM, MAM, Chroma Keyers, Virtual Sets, Digital Archiving Systems, Character Generator, Prompter Camera Plates, Spreaders, Pan bars, Drones, Focus controllers, Motion control Production switchers / vision mixers, Replay systems for slow motion, Live production servers, Live archiving and transfer Camera support systems for movie production, Steadicams for movies Broadcast Monitors, Display Monitors Light modifiers / reflectors / Softboxes / butterflies / Panels / speed rings, Light stands / grips / light booms / mounting /on camera LED lights, Light heads and Bulb lighting
Product Focus 3 Teleprompters Camera Batteries, Camera cases, Matte Boxes, Rigs, Ballheads, Camera Chargers, Camera protective bags + cases, UAVs Live Streaming software, Broadcast graphics Lens Accessories Action Cameras Cables, Connectors, Patch Panels
Post-production News Studio Post Production, Cloud based newsroom solution, Newsroom editing systems, Newsroom graphics (live & post) Digital Intermediate, Motion Graphics Software Format Conversion Software, (Live) editing Software, Colour Management Software Digital Video Recorders, Audio Mixers, Audio Consoles, Animation & VFX Software, Editing Software & Hardware, Memory Devices Colour Correction Software, Video editing / Post Studop / Graphics Cards, Sub Titling & Closed Captioning Software, Format Conversion Software Restoration Software & Hardware
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